Bacon Infused Potatoes

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      I came across this amazing recipe this morning and had to share it with my friends here at Budget101!

      It’s basically a Bacon -Infused Potato. You take a potato, scrub it clean (they peeled theirs) slice them without going all the way through, like a hasslebeck potato, and then slide pieces of bacon in between each slice.

      image not available

      bake them at 400F for 35 minutes or so. The photo is from Cafe Chocolada here:

      Cafe Chocolada: Bacon Potato and you can see one that’s fully cooked there as well!


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      Wow that looks tasty, will have to try it. The other day we took bake potatoes and wrap them in bacon, put some seasoning on the outside and then put a little wine in the foil, yummy. Then we put them on the grill.

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      This looks good. Might add some sour cream and cheese.

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      This looks good. I might have sour cream and cheese.

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