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      I agree. We have 2 acres mostly woods. Our backyard is a bit of a hill so when

      it rains it has ruts and we lose alot of dirt. We just haven’t had to money to

      do sod all the way down. We put 3 pallets out last year but wasn’t enough. Now

      we have the money and waiting on it to stop raining so we can get someone to

      level it back out so we can do 4 more pallets. Then next year we will do

      something with clearing the woods some.


      me ow <> wrote:

      Thanks for thr great advice. My hubby and I just

      moved into a new home with 4 acres in a wooded area.

      The people who built the house didn’t do a lot to the

      property and initally I got excited over the idea of

      landscaping and planting flowers. Now that I am

      pricing the cost, I realize that this is not something

      I should take on right now with all the other expenses

      of moving into a new home. You are right. Its

      expensive even for DIY’ers.—

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