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      Thanks for thr great advice. My hubby and I just

      moved into a new home with 4 acres in a wooded area.

      The people who built the house didn’t do a lot to the

      property and initally I got excited over the idea of

      landscaping and planting flowers. Now that I am

      pricing the cost, I realize that this is not something

      I should take on right now with all the other expenses

      of moving into a new home. You are right. Its

      expensive even for DIY’ers.— Carrie

      <> wrote:

      > Fixing up a backyard is expensive even when you do

      > it yourself so it

      > is best to do it gradually. We have a good sized

      > yard. When we moved

      > here it was only partially fenced, there was just

      > grass everywhere.

      > No patio, no landscaping or anything. We have been

      > here for almost 6

      > years and each year we have done a few things

      > because of the cost we

      > have to spread the costs out.

      > Carrie

      > — In, “Jessica White”

      > wrote:

      > I am about to move into our first house and we have

      > a huge

      > backyard…I want to keep everything inexpensive and

      > do-it-yourself.

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