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      The kids will be heading back to school soon, here’s a simple tip for making your own sliced apples (without the nasty brown!)

      Just cut the apples with an apple slicer and then immediately plunge them into a bowl of ice water that has 1-2 TBS of Lemon Juice in it. You’ll need about 1 Tbs of lemon juice per cup of water, as a rule of thumb.

      If you don’t like lemon juice you can also soak them in lemon-lime soda such as sprite or 7up with the same results (personally, I prefer the lemon juice!).

      Then, bag the apples in baggie or container until needed.

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      Awesome tip!! Thanks

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      I like this alternative to directly spritzing with the lemon juice. About how long do you soak them for? Thanks so much!

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      Yes, how long should it soak?

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      @angelproctor 550747 wrote:

      Yes, how long should it soak?

      I too would like to know how long to soak the apples/pears.

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      This looks great thanks, I will be watching how long to soak the apple.

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      I usually let mine soak for a few minutes and every minute or so I would stir then make sure to get all sides

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      What’s the purpose of soaking them in lemon juice?

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      The lemon juice neutralizes the oxidation going on (apple insides + oxygen = frowny face) in the skin and thus helps preserve it. Apples quickly deteriorate in open air, lemon juice prevents this. It won’t make your apples perfect and shiny forever or anything, but prepping meals a day or two in advance will make them appetizing looking still.

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      @ letsdeal — I wondered the same. I found this website:
      How to Keep a Cut Apple from Turning Brown: 12 Steps

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      @letsdeal 550815 wrote:

      What’s the purpose of soaking them in lemon juice?

      So they don’t turn Brown after you slice them.

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      Soaking them in Sprite works too without changing the flavor. This is what we do at our produced dept for fruit trays. I think we soak them about 5 minutes.

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      Lemon juice contains vitamin C which is an antioxidant. Antioxidants by nature stop oxygen damage to cells. Oxygen “oxidizes” cells by literally burning them.

      That is why it is important for people to EAT antioxidants to protect their own cellular structure 😉
      The lemon juice provides a barrier to the air preventing browning.

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      This looks great..! Sometimes I prepare Wholemeal banana pancakes topped with honey and sliced banana for the breakfast for my two kids. They like this very much.

      At times when I have board meetings and heavy office schedule, I prefer one of these options cereal topped with milk and sliced fresh fruit, A slice of bread with butter and honey, A boiled egg, slice of wholemeal bread, and a piece of fruit, A slice of granary toast plus a yogurt or a fruit smoothie, A pancake filled with fresh and sliced strawberries or banana, or a nutritious grass fed beef stick also known as chomp sticks. More information on chomp sticks nutrition is found here: Looking for more ideas, please share if anyone finds any healthy breakfast ideas.

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