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      To make one I would use an old wooden spoon/spatula and cover it

      with a wash cloth (sewed to fit like a glove) then it could be

      laundred as needed.

      I also use old towels as towels for my dogs then they are

      demoted to spill cleaning (I do keep them laundered and in the

      laundry room for the spill purposes) and when they are done with

      that they are shop towels for the garage. Once they get to that

      point I don’t think any one would have any use for them. i also

      used torn up clothing as dust towels as well as old wash clothes

      and have been know to use them to soak oil up on a fried food

      (instead of paper towels.)

      I do get swiffers for my ceiling fans because I am too clumsy to

      stand on anything over 6 inches off the ground. My heals are

      risky even.

      I use zip lock baggies to make ice packs in the freezer. I

      usually keep a couple of them around. I have also been known to

      add them to the lunch bag my husband has to keep his food cold

      and keeps him from having to put in the works refriderator

      (these were store bought re-freezers).

      I also got a free lunch box (the insulated soft type) from my

      son’s audiologist (we had to purchase a hearing aid and found

      out after insurance didn’t cover it). She felt bad that we had

      spent so much on her recommendation that when she got it in she

      kept it for us. (Thought that was sweet of her).

      I also have my kids change thier banks to mine (when I changed)

      so that I would get a 25 dollar referal fee per person. I got my

      younger ones and sent it to my mom for a birthday gift (I spoke

      to her about it first and figured it was safer to send a visa

      card than to send cash she loved it) my son got a gift card as

      well for 25.00 for opening an account. He is actually printing

      out the form and giving them to his friends to open their

      accounts there as well.

      My current bank tied my savings to my checking and should

      anything go amiss with my money they take it out of savings

      instead of bouncing and don’t even charge me afee for it.




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