Stuff I’d Like to See General Back….

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      Hello all!I forgot I was a mmember here.So glad I did remember. I am now a homeowner,we got engaged,so planning a wedding. I have a question, what do you like to see /get in baskets?Also what don’t you like/want in them.Sorry if I posted in wrong spot!

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      What do you mean? Get in baskets? For what, weddings? birthdays? Funeral? House warming? not sure what you’re looking for

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      I’m sorry for the confusion, for a bridal shower.I’m also looking for small gifts to give at the bridal shower.I’m a couponer if that helps! ☺

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      I make my own soap and sell as shower gifts with labels that say,;,;,;,;”FROM OUR SHOWER TO YOURS” they love them!! Soap is very easy to make and fairly cheap,

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Stuff I’d Like to See General Back….