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      After recent aggravations at finding a sitter (that can handle reheating a
      meal & Staying awake for more than 2 hours) at a decent price, I’ve
      called several good friends and this is our Cheap Childcare idea of the

      Find 2 or 3 other Mom’s with kids the same ages as yours (or relatively
      close in age). Organize a child care swap, meaning one evening they cover
      your kids, one evening you cover their kids while they go. Charge each other

      I’ve called some moms from the boys cub scout troup and they are more than
      willing to participate. Thank heavens for no more overpaid teenage girls,
      (not that many don’t deserve the money they earn), it just so happens the
      one I had…. Didn’t.

      Because we often have meals made up in advance, we are sending the boys
      with a casserole big enough for the “hosting” family, may or may not help in
      your circumstance.

      More Ideas would be welcome!


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