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      We generally pay $4-5 an hour. When my DD (12) helps
      me with my son (like a mommy’s helper, I am there but
      just can’t watch him or play with him) then I give her
      $2 an hour. Usually when I am doing something

      It isn’t worth it to work and pay a
      babysitter, IMHO. Even if I make $11 an hour in tips
      it’s like making $6 after you pay the babysitter.
      That’s why my DH and I work split shifts (I only work
      1-2 days a week).

      I don’t go out from noon until 10 p.m. because I can’t
      afford to pay $50 for the day. I will more likely go
      out with my DH for a few hours once in a while.
      Actually, we haven’t hired a sitter since summer.

      just usually get one of our sets of parents to babysit
      when we really need one. They are usually willing. I
      have a friend from work that has teenagers who babysit
      though, so I may be calling on them if I need someone
      in the future.

      They are 15 and 16. I hesitate to leave
      my kids with a 12-13 year old, even my young son, even
      though I started babysitting at 11 and I did fine.
      Usually my mom was just a phone call away, though.

      So Liss, I think you maybe could have paid her more,
      but she really didn’t do much for it, so it would
      solve your problem just to find someone else next
      time. If you wanted to count the movies as part of her
      pay, then I’d arrange that ahead of time. Like telling
      her, “Do you want to rent a movie today?

      We can do
      that as part of your pay.” But I’d limit her to
      one–that can be such a big distraction. I think it
      sends the wrong message to be having her there to
      watch your kids and then giving her all these movies
      to watch.




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