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      Well I know Im a little slow on the up take here but here’s what I do
      When I have a new babysitter, I tell them what I am willing to pay
      them during the day ($3 an hour), and what I will pay for night
      sitting, ($2 an hour), because they are asleep. I also tell them they
      are not responsible for cleaning the house, just picking up toys. I
      do tell them that if they do want to clean a little I will pay a
      little extra for that.

      About the falling asleep, if I am home before
      midnight I expect them to be awake when I come home, if after
      midnight I dont mind them dozing on my couch.
      I know that my own babysitting was quite a while ago but I got 1-
      2dollars and hour and cleaned! So I think that 25 bucks plus movies
      is great!
      movies: well if she asked for movies than she should not expect to be
      paid as much, if i have movies at home than thats another thing. i
      dont mind her watching movies as long as its after my kids are in bed

      any movies watched before bedtime should be movies that my kids
      can watch. ok well i guess i have ranted enough for one day.
      take care

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