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      When I was a teenager I took a course through the red cross for
      babysitting. They taught you how to diaper a baby, mouth to mouth
      for infants to adults and all kinds of other things that were very
      helpful. I got hired on by a group of parents who had a babysitting
      co-op as they called it.

      It went like this. There were 5 families
      each with 1-3 children between the ages of 2 and 9. Every week,
      theirs was on a friday, all the kids would be brought to the host
      families house, different every week.

      Every parent execpt for the
      host parents went out from about 5:30pm untill about 2am. Some would
      come in as early as 9:30pm. Just their choice.

      But there was a no
      later than 2am rule execpt for New Years which was a whole other

      We made dinner for the children, played games, did show and tell,
      read stories, put on shows, had “movie night” with popcorn sometimes
      and got the children all ready for bed and to sleep by 8:30 avery
      time. When the parents came to pick up there children they were
      ready to go with their bag of day clothes, toothbrush and whaterever
      else they had brought that evening. The host family paid the sitter,
      me, $4.00 an hour to help with the children.

      This included diaper
      changing, bahting when necessary and sometimes cooking and definitly
      cleaning up. This was when I was 14-16 years old and it worked out
      well for everyone involved. The parents got to go out on a “date
      night” knowing that their children were being looked after by adults
      as well as a certified babysitter and that it only cost them what
      they paid out on their date and on their host night.

      The children always had a great time because they all knew each other
      and looked forward to their “play group” every friday night. Now
      that this subject has come back to mind I am going to organise
      something like this in our neighborhood. My husband and I never get
      to go out because of the ever incressing cost of sitters.

      This is
      the perfect solution!

      Thanks for helping me to remember this Liss!

      Maya in San Diego

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