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      Hello Group!

      I’ve been lurking for over a month now and finally have a question to
      ask. I need any baby tips you can think of. my sil found out on
      christmas that she is pregnant and due in aug.

      the whole family is
      pulling together and starting the great endevour of fitting her up
      for the baby and as many needs as we can all cover a little at a
      time. i’ll tell you what we know and are doing and maybe you can give
      me some more great ideas!i am currently sewing homemade diapers out
      of whatever material that is obsorbant that i can get my hands on.
      wal-mart just had tons of super obsorbant flannel for a $1 a yard.
      Booties and bibs are already flying from my sewing machine as well.
      We are thrift store, Good-Will, yard sale shoppers as well. She plans
      on breast feeding and we have yet to find a good electric breast pump
      for the times she may need one of her very willing SIL’s to play

      We want to go cheap on the breast pump but also get something
      that is going to last. Is that a contrary idea? Any ideas? In a
      magazine I saw a highchair seat that straps to a normal chair but we
      are also unsure if that is a better idea or if a normal traditional
      high chair is better.

      She also plans on making homemade baby food
      when the time comes for that.The crib is covered since my God-Mother
      is loaning us the crib she has used for quite a few babies. Believe
      it or not this old crib actually matches current safety
      recommendations. A car seat is going to undoubtably be a major
      investment we can’t avoid.

      My other questions if any one happens to
      know are as follows: Are baby swings still considered safe? How
      about “Johnny Jump-ups”? How about walkers?

      Any tips and ideas would
      be great on this whole subject since the youngest in this family is
      12 and we all have cloudy memories. lol. and last but not least. a
      tip for those that might have unexpected bundles coming in there

      when i first found out my sil was expecting, i rushed out and
      bought her the book that helped me so much through my
      pregnancies “what to expect,when you are expecting”. a couple weeks
      later she went in for wic and found that they would have given her
      the book for free. something they didn’t do when my children were on
      the way.

      i don’t know if this is just something our county wic office
      is doing or if it is in all the wic offices but i would suggest
      checking before purchasing it like i did. to me it was a very
      valuable book and i had no idea it would be given out freely. hence
      $11 more I could have spent on material for baby items. Thanks for
      all the great ideas I’m sure to get and an apology for the length of

      Emmy in Iowa

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