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      I have a tip about the breast pump. I nursed both of my daughters for a year
      and worked after they were 3 months old. I pumped at work twice a day every
      single day and managed to never have to give my 2nd daughter formula.

      The pump
      I used was not electric but it was wonderful! It’s the Avent Isis pump. It
      costs around $40-$50, MUCH cheaper than the $200-$300 electric pumps.

      I was
      able to get anywhere from 4-10 ounces of milk everytime I pumped (that’s alot
      for pumping!) and the reason was the “massaging petals” on the pump, it feels
      like a baby eating so the milk lets down easier and you get more milk. It was a
      wonderful investment and considering the number of times I used it, very well

      Let me know if you need more info about it and I will try to help.

      Jenn in NH

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