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      Dear Emmy:

      This subject has come up numerous times…… might want to search the
      archives Liss has just done up for some very valuable info.

      Must say it’s been awhile since I had a babe around as well, but there are some
      definite things I found with my kids. Walkers (the traditional ones with
      wheels) were considered “illegal” then……..I still used one but in limited
      spaces where there were no stairs. My daughter just used it to sit in & play,
      where as my son who was a real go-getter, loved the freedom it gave him.

      Jumpers have changed in the amount of “springability”…..we found this helped
      to strengthen babe’s leg muscles. Be sure your not putting in a baby who
      can’t support itself…..everything at it’s own time. Baby swings are a matter
      of opinion.

      It bothered my daughter as she was always sensitive to motion, my
      son loved it & would sleep for hours. My thought on most of these
      items……stick to basics unless you can borrow one that is safe & stick any
      money you want to spend on babe in a savings account. They outgrow these things
      so quickly that spending a lot on extras isn’t worth it.

      (I was lucky enough to
      have relatives who were pregnant 5-6 mos ahead of me & we traded stuff back &

      I won’t comment on a breast pump as I only breastfed for a short period of time.
      I did have one that was a manual pump…..I just couldn’t find the frame of mind
      to pump properly (I know people who just used their hands……..thinking there
      was a trick I just never caught on to.)

      High Chair – the seats you mention were available even when I had babies. I was
      more comfortable with a stand alone, more stable chair. (I had a Little Tikes)
      We just set it in the corner when it wasn’t being used.

      I have kept it & still
      use it when any lil strays come over. One of the few things I kept.

      My other lifesaver was a bouncenette……….just a sling that the child layed
      in and it was gently bounced with the foot. Great for a colicky babe.

      I also had a lot of receiving blankets. With that colicky babe came a lot of
      mess after feeding. The also helped as and extra liner in the crib & saved on
      frequent linen changes.

      These can be made from flannel sheets you can buy for
      next to nothing at a thrift store.

      Big items can be given as gifts by a group, making it easier for mom. I know
      my mom used a large lined laundry hamper for a crib, folded sheets for diapers &
      had a high chair. She had 4 kids……..still all alive & breathing today.

      I am saying here is the kiss (keep it simple, stupid….no offence!) method
      works best for most things.



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