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      Thank you for all the great Baby tips I’m getting! I’m saving every tip for
      use now and in the future! I found 4 freecycle groups here in Iowa close to
      me….it’s nice to be on the corner of 3 counties 30 miles each direction from
      two big cities.I have let my sil and mil know everything i have found out and
      they are actively persuing many of these tips as well.
      well, my mil is at least, my sil is having a really bad time with morning

      my mil had morning sickness pretty bad when she was carrying my sil
      but she says sil is even worse then she very thought she could be. sil can’t
      seem to keep much down for food except crackers and yogurt. has got us all kinda
      worried since it looks like sil is losing weight.

      all ob-gyn’s are full in area
      and can’t get her in till feb 3. As a child into adult SIL has had many health
      problems. We hope the morning sickness lets up soon. At least the Prenatal
      vitamins her family doc put her on seem to be staying down.

      Emmy in Iowa

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