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      1. Go second hand for all toys… if you can find one in your area there are
      some pretty good stores that sell all kinds of second hand baby stuff.

      make sure they have all working parts (especially the learning electronic
      toys) Tip bring 4 aa batteries and a screwdriver with you when you shop.
      pop them in make sure it works. you’ll save a ton. ps as a mom get ones
      with off switches.

      when putting them away you’ll save yourself the headache
      of setting others off.

      2. The first three months buy things for mom. They eat, sleep, and poop
      and exhaust mom.

      So they really don’t need much but maybe a nice mobile and
      crib light that has option to play music or not. Get her some nice little
      treats, premade snacks, drinks, maybe her favorite shower wash or something
      of the like. Also if you really want to splurge get her one of those
      layover massage pads to put in the rocker/glider that way all those late
      night feedings can be a bonus relaxation break for her.

      Remember that you
      rarely have a hand free so books and magazines aren’t terribly useful, but
      relaxing music or books on tape are great. PS A good travel swing is really
      really useful if the mom is ever going to leave the house. It is easily
      portable from room to room and to other homes.

      They also love mirrors from
      day one so a crib mirror that becomes a floor toy later is great.

      3. After that three-six month period little hand toys, lots of batteries,
      wipes, diapers, and the frequently used items like that are useful. My
      daughter loved her swing and bouncer for the first three months and then she
      suddenly decided sitting up was fun and so she played more on the floor than
      anywhere else.

      She loved her stroller and going outside. Just get one that
      is appropriate to the terrain around her area. I have lots of sidewalks so
      the cheap one is fine but if you are going to be going up and down curbs or
      on rocky roads then one with off road wheels are nice.

      You can get them at
      second hand stores fairly often though so don’t think it is expensive.

      4. Six to nine months you’ll want spoons and spill proof dishes for baby
      food. As well this is when the noise making toys and bang together things
      become really popular.

      Also stuffed animals and books with baby faces are
      great. Also if you can wait don’t buy any of the baby holders until around
      six months. You’ll figure out the kids favorite way to be held and weight
      and the appropriate sling or hip holder or front holder will be really

      Also you can take them back at this point within the 30 day return
      at most stores (buy new but at Walmart or Target)

      Hope this helps

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