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      One thing I would highly recommend for making baby food is an immersion
      blender. I used mine constantly for blending up our table food. I never bought
      any commercial baby food except for a little cereal, which I mainly used to
      thicken some fruits and vegetables.

      I also fed my kids a lot of plain yogurt or
      cottage cheese mixed with fruit, and they loved it. I still use the blender
      constantly for making milkshakes and smoothies, scrambling eggs, pureeing
      canned tomatoes for sauces, beating the lumps out of gravy….I love it!
      I would also recommend a baby sling…nursing babies love to be close to
      mom. I rarely used a stroller, I found it easier to slip on the sling, and
      have my hands free to hold the older kids’ hands or do my shopping, whatever I
      needed to do.

      It was also great on those fussy days at home, when baby
      wanted to be close, but I had work to do. I used the sling for over a year with
      each baby, then switched to a backpack when they were too heavy for the sling.
      I never used a baby swing, and rarely used a stroller. I did use a
      walker a lot when they got to the age that they wanted to be upright instead of
      laying down.

      I think the new bouncy seats would serve the same purpose and be
      much safer. I never spent much money on baby “stuff”. If they have a dry
      diaper, warm clothes, a safe place to sleep, and a mom nearby, that’s really
      they need.
      LaLeche League is a wonderful source of information!

      You may not agree
      with all of their ideas, but that’s ok. They are great about respecting
      different opinions and are willing to give whatever advice you ask for.
      The homemade diapers sound wonderful! I would suggest investing in a
      really good diaper pail.

      Mine was made by Little Tykes, and had a push-open
      lid. It held up through 4 kids and did a great job of containing any odor.
      The boppy pillow also sounds like a great thing to make…that’s something I
      always wanted.

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