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      Check into joining your local Freecycle groups. People are usually
      giving stuff away on those all the time. Also get the word out that
      your looking for baby items to borrow/buy second hand.

      I’ve gotten a
      lot of things by just asking if I could borrow it and that person told
      me to keep it. Baby things are so big and take up so much room that a
      lot of times the person just wants it out of their house! You’d be
      surprised how much stuff you can get by just letting people know your

      Also, all babies are different. Some like swings and some
      hate them. I borrowed a swing for my middle child and she hated it.
      I’m glad I didn’t spend any money on one.

      She did however like the
      walker as did my first child. Now, I have my 3rd child and I spend $40
      on a new bouncy seat and he’s not crazy about it. You never know till
      you try it out on the kid so borrowing/buying cheap is a good idea.

      Also check garage sales, you can usually find cheap clothes there too.
      IF you find someone who is selling good baby clothes at a good price,
      give them your number and tell them your willing to buy clothes from
      them in the future as their child grows out of them. It’s a good deal
      for both of you saving her from dealing with a garage sale and you get
      first dibbs on clothes.

      As for breast pumps, I’d hold off buying one until you were sure
      breastfeeding worked for you. I have breastfed all my kids and
      supplemented with formula when necessary, I was never able to pump
      successfully. My cousin bought a Madela breast pump for $250 and was
      not able to breastfeed.

      My suggestion is save the money, if you find
      you need it, go buy it. Don’t go buy one before the baby is born
      She will need nursing bras but wait until after the baby is born for
      that as well. When her milk comes in she her size will change.

      example, I left the hospital (bought a bra while I was there) an I was a
      38D Now that my milk has come in, I’m a 38DD or bigger.

      High chair vs booster seat. I’ve never had a high chair. I bought a
      booster seat that straps onto a chair when my first child was born 5yrs
      ago and have used that ever since.

      It takes less space, is portable
      (you can take it to a relatives house) and as long as you have a sturdy
      chair to strap it to it’s safe. Use common sense; don’t strap it to a
      flimsy chair that tips over at the drop of a hat.

      Also, she may like a boppy pillow, since your sewing, you may enjoy
      making her one (there is a pattern for it). I made mine and I love it.
      Check with the pattern manufacturers, there are lots of patterns for
      baby things. I even saw one of those shopping seat covers in a pattern
      book the other day.

      My other “tip” is to get on as many mailing list’s as possible. Formula
      companies, and diaper companies. Even if you don’t plan on using the
      items right now, later on down the line you may want to try something
      and it’s always nice to have a free trial or coupon if you want to buy

      Both formula and diaper companies send out free samples of their
      merchandise. I’d also sign up anywhere else that offers baby stuff,
      you’ll get tons of coupons. And register at Babies R us or Toys R us,
      they’ll put you on their mailing list and you’ll get coupons that way

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