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      I would wait to buy the breast pump. It is not something she will need right
      away as it is not recommended to introduce the baby to the bottle too soon ie.
      when breastfeeding is being established. Try Le Leche league for really good
      breastfeeding information and resources in your area.

      They also lend books. If
      she is going to be pumping a lot there is the option of renting an electric
      pump. I have to be honest and tell you that when I was breastfeeding my son I
      just found it easier to express milk when I needed to.

      I had a little pump but
      it didn’t do that great of job. When I went back to work I used the pump at the
      hospital (where I work) and it was amazing but not something you would buy for
      home use.

      I think a good sturdy highchair is better than those kind that strap onto a
      chair. they do not seem very sturdy. A highchair is used an awful lot and will
      last through several children so it is worth investing in one with the features
      you want.

      I would make sure it is easy to clean, has a large removable tray and
      has wide stable legs.

      As for the other equipment I found a baby swing was a lifesaver for me. I bought
      my swing second hand. It was in very good shape as baby’s only use them for a
      short time before they become too big.

      I never had a walker for my children
      because they are illegal in Canada.

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