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      Great that your SIL is going to breastfeed! Here’s my advice on a pump. I would hold off until after the baby is born.

      If she produces a lot of milk, then I would recommend the Avent Isis manual pump (about $40). She should be able to use this one successfully even if she is going back to work full time. If she is not going back to work, then the Avent is good for occassional use.

      If she has any supply issues, then I would go with an electric pump – Medela is the good standard and I loved mine. A tip – you don’t have to get the new fancy model to get the job done. The Pump in Styles from a few years ago are a great product.

      I got mine new on Ebay for $100 less than at the store and never had a problem. Also – don’t overdo the bottles – I think that I had 5 total and was fine. If you are breastfeeding, you only need enough to cover while you are away at work plus one or two for the freezer.

      RE: high chair – I hated my high chair – too bulky. I would recommend the First Steps seat that straps to a chair. You will get more use out of it.

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