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      * Get a baby food grinder. That way, when the baby when old enough he
      can eat the food she eats, and she doesn’t have to buy as much baby food
      jars. See link for a good one.
      * Plus, she can get baby food from a few different distributors, then
      call the 1-800 #’s on the jars & ask for coupons from the companies to
      get more.
      * Another tip…

      even though it is not recommended, I signed up for as
      many different baby clubs as I could with all the different formula
      companies. My son drank all sorts of formula. There was only 1 he
      couldn’t tolerate (SMA).

      It didn’t hurt him at all. He is now 11.
      * Something that may help is one of the highchairs that latch onto the
      table – if she goes to a friend’s house – for ease in feeding. Just
      you have to clear a big area in front of the kid, since they grab
      everything they can reach.

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