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      Baby Sprinkle Diaper Bouquet
      Diaper Bouquet
      Forget flowers! This bouquet is more useful to a new mom-to-be and still looks beautiful.

      Time: 45 minutes

      What You’ll Need:
      Luvs Diapers
      Bamboo skewers
      Rubber bands
      Tissue paper

      Step 1

      There are two ways you can do this step, but in either instance, you’ll want to roll your diapers up from the waistband toward the bottom.

      Method 1: Roll the diapers around the skewers. Then place the rubber band around it. (This is the method I preferred).

      Method 2: you could also roll the diapers first and poke the skewers in the middle (but be careful not to poke the diaper). Put the rubber band around the diaper toward the skewer end (it holds the diaper in place better and is easier to hide later).

      Step 2

      Stuff the bottom of your vase with tissue paper, then fluff some over the top of your vase to add fullness around your diaper flowers. If you have a piece of foam available, you may want to wrap the tissue paper around the foam and then place that in the base for greater stability.

      Step 3

      For a more finished look, you can wrap tissue paper around the bottom of your rolled diapers to cover the rubber bands.

      Here’s how:

      Cut a piece of tissue paper into 6 squares.
      Then, cut each square diagonally, creating two triangles.
      Place one triangle behind a rolled up diaper.
      Fold the top point of the triangle down.
      Then, wrap around the diaper and fasten with a piece of clear tap.

      Step 4

      Then, put your flowers in the vase, being sure to poke them into the tissue paper or foam for stability.

      Step 5

      Once they’re all in the vase, arrange the spacing to your preference. A vase with a narrower mouth (although not a bud face) will help the flowers diaplay more nicely.

      And, voila! Your diaper bouquet is complete. If you have any diaper bouquet tips and tricks, share them below!

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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Kids / Children Baby Sprinkle Diaper Bouquet