Baby shower on a budget?

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      Hi everyone!

      My Mom wants to throw me my baby shower. I’m having twins in August

      (I’m 17wks along right now)! 🙂

      We need help with a few suggestions…firstly, mom won’t be able to

      pay for the whole thing, so we ar egoing to help contribute as much

      as we can. The shower will likely be held in May.

      The first issue is, we will need a place to hold the shower. Mom’s

      house and ours are both too small, and neither of us have large yards.

      We’d LOVE to be able to have it at a restaurant or something, where

      food is included, but they cost about $12-15/per person, so that is

      out of thw question, being that we’ll have around 50 guests. Any

      ideas on finding a hall or some other establishment that will let us

      hold the shower at a low cost, W/OUT having to use their catering?

      And, on the subject of food…what would be a good, affordable lunch

      time menu for a crowd this size? I’m thinking we could make various

      salads (tossed, pasta, potato, etc), but I’m at a loss for anything


      Favors? I’m drawing a complete blank here! LOL

      Another area lacking imagination is a theme. Are themes necessary?

      Have any of you been to a shower that you loved that we can try and

      recreate inexpensively?

      Any ideas, tips, anything at all that you all may suggest would be

      most appreciated.

      Thank you,

      Kris 🙂

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