Baby shower on a budget?

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      My friend and I threw a shower for my friend and she had a large

      crowd and we are both pretty poor (families with husbands as students

      and we are sahm’s) but the party was a huge hit. We had her baby

      shower at 2pm so we didn’t have the stress of providing a “meal” for

      such a large group and wondering if we would have enough, etc. We

      instead did ice cream sudae’s, banana splits, root beer

      floats…whatever they wanted to do with the ice cream. We bought a

      few gallon sized tubs of ice cream each a different flavor and then

      we brought our infant bathtub, bought one for one and borrowed

      another one. We filled the each bathtub with ice and put one ice

      cream in each one (this turned out very cute) and added little

      touches like a rubby ducky, etc in it. Then we had all kinds of

      syrups and toppings and different kinds of soda’s in case they wanted

      a float. It was super easy!

      For decorations you do balloon’s and we had a rope hung to look like

      a laundry drying line at the entrance and with clothespins we hung up

      white gerber onesies and taped on letter in the middle of each

      onesies to say “Welcome Baby David”. We also made a diaper wreath

      and hung that up.

      For an activity to do while people were eating ice cream and greeting

      each other when they first came we had a wooden laundry basket on a

      coffee table full of huggies newborn diapers with instructions by it

      and a glass full of sharpie’s. everyone was instructed to write or

      draw something funny, great advice, or just a greeting for the new

      parents to make them smile during those middle of the night diaper

      changes. Everyone had so much fun with this! You just write it on

      the outside of the diaper…don’t use pampers, the writing doesn’t

      work so well on those ones, just huggies.

      Other games is doing a “price is right” but with baby items, put baby

      items on a tray have everyone look at it and then put it away and

      have everyone right down what was on the tray, whoever remembers the

      most wins! I’ve seen people ask instead of what’s on the tray to

      write down what the person who showed it to everyone was

      wearing…LOL since everyone’s paying attention to the tray and not

      the person. We also played that was a huge hit was “Birth the

      baby”. Buy those tiny plastic babies at party stores (usally like 25

      babies for like $1.50) and put one in each ice cube thing in a tray

      and then add water and freeze them. Give each person one ice cube

      baby in their drink and see who can birth their baby the fastest.

      They cannot put the ice cube in their mouth or hands (it has to stay

      in the glass) but people get creative by blowing hot air from their

      mouth or stirring it really fast to birth their baby…it’s funny.

      Also there is a candy bar matching game. You match a candy bar name

      up to a birthing name through concentration and when someone makes a

      match you give them that candy bar (whatever one they mtached). You

      can google to get the game, but it was like “score” was matched with

      conception, “twizzlers” was matched with umbillical cord, “milk way”

      was breastfeeding, “Baby Ruth” was baby girl name, “whoppers” was

      contractions, and so on….There’s about 20 or so matches, very cute

      and fun.

      Hope this helps! Oh yeah, we also brought one of our playpens for

      people to put their gifts in. Simple and get to the theme!


      — In, “Kristen” wrote:


      > Hi everyone!

      > My Mom wants to throw me my baby shower. I’m having twins in August

      > (I’m 17wks along right now)! 🙂

      > We need help with a few suggestions…firstly, mom won’t be able to

      > pay for the whole thing, so we ar egoing to help contribute as much

      > as we can. The shower will likely be held in May.

      > The first issue is, we will need a place to hold the shower. Mom’s

      > house and ours are both too small, and neither of us have large


      > We’d LOVE to be able to have it at a restaurant or something, where

      > food is included, but they cost about $12-15/per person, so that is

      > out of thw question, being that we’ll have around 50 guests. Any

      > ideas on finding a hall or some other establishment that will let


      > hold the shower at a low cost, W/OUT having to use their catering?

      > And, on the subject of food…what would be a good, affordable


      > time menu for a crowd this size? I’m thinking we could make various

      > salads (tossed, pasta, potato, etc), but I’m at a loss for anything

      > else.

      > Favors? I’m drawing a complete blank here! LOL

      > Another area lacking imagination is a theme. Are themes necessary?

      > Have any of you been to a shower that you loved that we can try and

      > recreate inexpensively?

      > Any ideas, tips, anything at all that you all may suggest would be

      > most appreciated.

      > Thank you,

      > Kris 🙂


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