Baby shower on a budget?

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      actually, restaurants can be cheaper than you’d think!

      about 5 year’s ago we had my friend’s bridal shower at a restaurant

      in WA call Dessert Fire (kinda like Chilji’s) We had about 30 people

      and it cost around $100…they have a large group menu and we ordered

      about 3 trays of appetizers and paid $20 for room rental which

      included soft drinks.

      then a few months ago we had a baby shower for a co-worker at

      TGIFridays…there was close to 100 people….we ordered about 20

      appetizers (about $150)….


      > — Kristen wrote:


      > > Hi everyone!

      > > My Mom wants to throw me my baby shower. I’m having

      > > twins in August

      > > (I’m 17wks along right now)! 🙂

      > > We need help with a few suggestions…firstly, mom

      > > won’t be able to

      > > pay for the whole thing, so we ar egoing to help

      > > contribute as much

      > > as we can. The shower will likely be held in May.

      > > The first issue is, we will need a place to hold the

      > > shower.

      > > Thank you,

      > > Kris 🙂

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