baby shower ideas

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      The Watermelon baby carriage is always cute and
      inexpensive as a centerpiece. Rubber duckies can be
      found cheap and make cute decorations. Games: cover
      the label on several babyfood jars(single veg.

      mixes) and then have guests pass jars around and write
      down thier guesses. The one with the most right wins.
      Melt candy bars in preemie diapers and have guests
      guess type of candy bar. Put several baby items in a
      box with shredded paper and cut hole large enough for
      hand in box have guessed take turns reaching in and
      guessing items. Give each guest one minute and the one
      with most correct wins.

      Have each guest cut string as
      long as they think needed to wrap around stomach and
      have ends touch. The closest guess wins. A cute gift
      bag is bottles from dollar store filled with goodies.
      Have fun.

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      There is also another game you can play. Its sometimes called the Awww or Baby game. You give everyone a clothespin when the walk in the door.

      If they say the “magic word” whether its Awww or Baby they lose their pin the last on with a pin wins. 😀

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