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      For us we found that midwives and a birthing center was way cheaper
      than an OB & hospital, about 1/3 the cost. It was also a much nicer
      experience for us. Home birth would be even cheaper and we’re
      considering that if we have more.

      Other than that there is breastfeeding, and if you use formula sign up
      for freebies and wic if you qualify and buy store brand if your baby
      tolerates it and you don’t get wic.

      i use cloth diapers during the day and disposables only on my 11 month
      old and only at night and on long trips. My 2 yr old is just in
      cloth. I didnt pay much for my diapers, a friend gave me a ton of
      prefolds and covers and a WAHM I know needed sewing practice so she
      sewed me some all-in-ones for the cost of materials.

      I have purchased
      used as well, they really have a fantastic longevity. I don’t use
      store brand dipes on my babies, only Huggies and I usually get them
      cheaper than store brand with a coupon. I’ve also found the warehouse
      stores are the best place to buy diapers for me, especially since my
      2yr old and 11 mo old weigh the same and are in the same size.

      I buy
      several cases when they have a BJs coupon in the sales paper and then
      i double up with a manuf. coupon. I normally pay $18 for the $26 case
      and it lasts a month between the two of them since i use the cloth
      during the day.

      warehouse stores also seem to be the best place for me to get wipes,
      medicines, baby bath, even supplies like a bassinette and carseats.

      I get almost all of our clothing free or used, and most of it in
      really good shape. I dont shop thrift that often, but I do shop
      cheapcycle and ALWAYS accept handmedowns, even if i dont like them or
      they are the wrong size! if you say no once ppl are less likely to
      pass more down to you!

      I dont typically feed my babies babyfood, i nurse or bottle feed until
      they are old enough to eat table food, and then I just mash it up,
      normally somewhere between 8 and 12 months, depending on which kid it

      I dont buy dreft, never have. I use Gain free or Tide free, we are
      very selective in our detergents because of skin allergies in my 7 yr
      old and my husband and those are the only two they dont react to (both
      are procter & gamble, which we buy only as a last resort). I use ecos
      brand baking soda-based detergent on newborn clothes and on whites.

      i am very selective as to what i bring into my home with
      babies…meaning i know now that i dont need every gadget out there.
      if baby has food, clothing, diapers, shelter and loving caregivers,
      they have enough! when i do need something i see if i can borrow
      first, then i comparison shop online and ask stores to match prices (i
      love!). i ask people to save coupons for me too!

      i manage to feed the 6 of us, 2 kitties and two horse-size dogs on a
      special diet for $130 a week, including diapers, toiletries and
      formula (I was only able to nurse my son for 9 months, he’s turning 1
      next week and we’re moving him to enriched rice milk). I know I can
      do better, but I buy as much organic as I can and we spend a small
      fortune in milk & cheese alternatives on the toddlers since they can’t
      have dairy but they LOVE it!

      I homeschool them too and spend about $300/yr for everything we need,
      the only extra we have presently is dance and acting classes, which
      run me about $80 a month for the two older kids (together).

      Anyhow, i pretty much introduced myself and replied right there 🙂
      I’m meg, homeschooling/freelancing/SAHM to 4 kids, ages 9, 7, 2 1/2
      and almost 1!

      From: Meg
      Date: Thu Dec 1, 2005 4:11 pm
      Subject: Re: : Re: Baby on a Budget itszen4me

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