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      I’m having a hard time tracking the order of the posts, but has anyone
      told the new mamas about Freecycle? I use it absolutely all the time!
      For Christmas last year I received awesome presents for my children
      (like a $600 play castle- free!!) and since then i’ve received
      furniture, clothes, cds, toys, you name it. there are always baby
      items, clothes, necessary stuff.

      if the new members haven’t seen the
      old posts about freecycle, go to it is a list serve
      where people in your neighborhood give away whatever they don’t need
      anymore, like a garage sale, only everything is free. god has blessed
      me abundantly through this.

      from: “stephanie havener”
      Date: Thu Dec 1, 2005 7:42 am
      Subject: Babies and Freecycle stephaniehav…

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