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      I have heard people say that if you wait to have kids until you think you can afford to, you’ll never be able to.

      First of all, in response to a couple of the other answers you’ve gotten, be careful with Parent’s Choice diapers. I had problems with them causing a very bad rash, & so did a friend of mine. I’m sure not everyone has that problem, though, or they wouldn’t sell so well.

      Of the 2 cheap Walmart brands, I prefer White Cloud. Also, my Sam’s Club only sells Huggies & Pampers & in my area, they just went up to $32 a box from $28! The Walmart brand is now cheaper per diaper for me to buy.

      Check the per diaper price wherever you buy!

      With my first 2, I used a diaper service. It was economic for us, because we lived in an apartment & had to pay $1.25 a load to wash & dry, & I would have washed the diapers twice to make sure they were well rinsed.
      That was 15+ years ago, but it may be worth looking into. The service supplies a diaper pail, with a deodorizer, pail liners, drops off a week’s worth of folded cloth diapers, & picks up the unrinsed(!!!) soiled ones weekly.

      I loved it.

      I never bought baby food for any of my six kids (The oldest is 18, the
      youngest is 2). Just cook veggies & put them in your food processor or blender. I would cook enough for a couple of weeks, then put the puree into ice cube trays sprayed lightly with baking spray (Pam) & freeze it.

      When the food was thoroughly frozen, I put the cubes into a labeled freezer bag, then took out & thawed whatever I needed. Regular sugar-free applesauce is good, and I bought canned-in-juice peaches, pears & apricots, and drained, pureed, and froze them, too. I have an immersion blender that I was able to use right in the can for my youngest 2!

      I love it! It makes good milk shakes, too!

      When the kids got old enough for more seasoned table food, I kept a baby food grinder at the table. I also bought plain yogurt & mixed the pureed fruit into it. You can find recipes online for homemade baby cereals, too.

      I even made my own teething biscuits once upon a time!

      I only bought formula for one of my kids, because my milk wasn’t sufficient & she stopped nursing at 6 mos. Breast feeding is definitely the best way to go, if you can, until you’re child is ready to graduate to cow’s milk!

      We use our bed as a changing table, & didn’t even set up a crib for our youngest. He slept with us at night, and in a cradle, or someone’s arms, during the day. (It’s nice having 10 extra hands home all the time!) The cradle is a plastic & mesh one that was part of an expensive baby swing; the cradle was given to us, used, when one of our other kids was born. When our toddler outgrew the cradle, he napped on our bed with pillows around him, & someone was always in the room.

      We’ve never decorated a nursery, as our babies always slept in our room. The crib we got when our oldest was born is a portable, so it is a little smaller than a full size & less expensive. It only got used for naps by our 4 oldest.

      Thrift stores are a frugal parent’s best friend! I even take my teens to the thrift store first if they need clothes! $6 for a pair of jeans beats even Walmart!

      My philosophy is if they didn’t have it 200 years ago, you can do without it , if you’re willing to 🙂 Well, ok, maybe not the computer 😀 All of the extras might be more convenient, but if you really examine them, they aren’t necessary. Just my 20 cents worth. I talk too much!

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      Date: Wed Nov 30, 2005 7:27 pm
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