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      Babies are truly gift from God! My daughter’s baby was born in January and he is a delight!

      Last year when she found out she was expecting her first baby, she found a “pregnancy support center” in her town that is a spiritually-centered organization, and it is wonderful!

      My daughter (and I) attended classes there that covered everything from prenatal care to infant and child care, parenting, first aid and CPR, as well as life skills. (Incidentally, it was in these classes that we learned about Budget101!) Class speakers were doctors, nurses, mid-wives, EMT’s, dentists, educators, and representatives of many other agencies in the community.

      Just for attending the classes, the moms-to-be earn “vouchers” that they can “spend” in the center’s boutique for everything for the baby from clothing to carseats to cribs! At 8 months, the mom receives a “layette” that includes a selection of baby clothing, diapers, bottles, blankets, etc.

      Every thing in the boutique and layette is new or very gently used. (There is a group of older Christian ladies who make and donate beautiful hand-made baby quilts, blankets, and afghans!) There was so much stuff in my daughter’s layette we were amazed!

      Also maternity clothes are provided to any mother-to-be who needs them. They also offer counseling and all kinds of referral services, and non-denominational Bible studies as well.

      They recently opened a small low-cost photo studio there at the center too – everyone knows how expensive professional photos can be!

      What a nice service to provide to lower income moms who might not be able to afford photos of their little ones!

      My daughter met some wonderful people there and has made some terrific new friends from her association at the support center.

      Look around in your community and see what is available! Help is out there!

      From: Peggy
      Date: Thu Dec 1, 2005 1:27 pm
      Subject: Re: Baby on a Budget queenpeggy29

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