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Holidays & Special Occasions Halloween Baby Caterpillar

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      Dress your wee one in green onsies or footed jamies, add headband with the dangly balls and you have an instant caterpillar! lol!
      for those of you that sew… when dd was two, i found fake fur on sale and made her a sylvester the cat costume.

      we lived in chicago at the time so it was cold. she was warm in that costume and the hit of the neighborhood and cleaned up. (actually, i cleaned up in chocolate because i limited her sugar consumptiongiggle smiley) the following year was milder so i made her a pilgrim costume and she scored again that year (or should i say i scored againgiggle smiley)

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      I was trying to say ‘Ba Caterpillar’ but for whatever reason, I can’t change the title;- Boss, what’s up with that?!!

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      I give up! For some reason, I keep typing ba, but it only shows up as ‘Ba’ so I hope everyone can figure it out…

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      Do you mean Baby Caterpillar??

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Holidays & Special Occasions Halloween Baby Caterpillar