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      My daughter will be 5 in April and because of her many disabilities one of the
      doctors she sees is an orthopedic one, specialize in bones. She has to have
      braces for her ankles becaue of walking issues. When she got her braces the
      first time I asked about buying a pair of used shoes to fit over the braces
      instead of new ones. He told me never to buy used shoes for children who are
      still growing even if they have no problems. The reason is that a child’s foot
      is still forming and when you buy a pair of new shoes, the shoes conform to the
      shape of your child’s foot. When you buy a used pair then the “conforming” can
      not take place correctly because the prior users foot has already done it. If
      you look at a pair of shoes that you wear, you will notice how the cushion in
      the shoes shapes itself to your foot. The only shoes that are safe to get used
      are ones you only plan on wearing once (like prom shoes) or are worn by someone
      who does not walk (as in an infant or someone confined to a
      wheelchair, no pressure on the cushion). After he told me everything about
      shoes and how they fit your foot, I went home and looked at my 7 and 9 year olds
      shoes (they wear the same size) and noticed that the cushion was shaped
      differently in each. I had them put the opposite shoes on (7 year old put 9 year
      olds shoes and vice versa) and they both said that they were uncomfortable. I
      have never bought used shoes in the 24 years I have been a mother and I am glad
      I never did because of all the problems that can occur ove time. I have 6 kids
      with another on the way. In my opinion, if the shoes have not been worn by
      another for walking then they would be okay but if they were used by a walking
      child I wouldn’t but like I said it is my opinion and the opinion of the
      orthopedic doctors I have met.


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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Kids / Children baby and toddler shoes