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      Re: baby and toddler shoes

      Unless the shoe is falling apart, NO, they are NOT bad for anyone’s
      feet. It’s the only way to shoe kids these days, with kids shoe’s
      going from $10-80/pair, and kids feet growing on average of a full
      size to 2 sizes per year. Even if you buy the $10 pair each time,
      and only have 1 pair per time, and if they grow 2 full sizes a year,
      that’s $40 a year for shoe’s alone.

      Because kids grow out of shoe’s so fast, you can find some really
      cute shoes that have been barely worn, and they’re usually dirt
      cheap, too. I stock up at yard sales for the kids. Each kid gets 1
      new pair of tennis shoes a year, unless they out grow them and I
      can’t find them 2nd hand, then they’ll get another pair. I’ve also
      been blessed with kids whose feet just don’t seem to grow, though.
      My 10 year old is only now in a size 12.5USA, while my 7 year old is
      in the same. My 4 year old is still only in a 9 (she was in a 7 up
      until about November, when she had a growth spurt). My two neices on
      the other hand, one is 4 months older than my youngest, the other is
      8 months younger, and both are in size 11 shoes already. That seems
      big to me, but considering that’s more normal, well.. I consider
      myself lucky that they have small feet. 😉

      But yes, 2nd hand shoes are perfectly fine for kids to wear (and
      adults too! I just steer clear of icky looking ones), and since they
      were free, I’d go ahead and just count yourself as lucky! 😉

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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Kids / Children baby and toddler shoes