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      b101-challenge-giveaways Welcome to our Budget101 Challenge Question!

      We all have a bucket list- a list of things that we intend to accomplish one way or another by the time we kick the proverbial bucket. Some of us have Budget Bucket lists- items that we intend to conquer, but inexpensively.

      The Challenge Question is : What is left on your (budget) Bucket list? How do you intend to make it happen?

      (list at least 3 to qualify)

      Wondering How to Play? Hit the reply button and answer the challenge question!

      (Seriously, that’s it)

      What is the Goodie Giveaway for this Challenge? Since this is a Bucket list of sorts, we’re giving away a bucket full of gardening goodies- seeds, live plants, gardening tools, and a few surprise items tossed in as well.

      Learn More about Budget101 Challenges Here!

      good luck!
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      1) Since it is that time of year, I want to expand my garden. Growing certain things in vertical stacked pots, pots in vertical wire, making more room to grow more variety.
      2) Although I already shop the thrift stores, I would like to find the time to use my sewing machine, instead of as a lamp table.
      3) I would love to find or take a course that will bring/supplement my income. I am looking into working with glass but the price of the kiln…ouch!
      4) Last, which will probably take me to the end of my bucket list and then some…to have my house organized.

      A place for everything and everything in its place. Sounds so wonderful…

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      1) going back to school after a 30 year career without a college education. looking forward to a new working life.
      2) making my car last as long as possible by taking care of it.
      3) finding the least expensive way to see the Northern Lights in Alaska…i live in SoCal.

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      @Budget101 461332 wrote:

      Welcome to our Budget101 Challenge Question!

      The Challenge Question is : What is left on your (budget) Bucket list? How do you intend to make it happen? (list at least 3 to qualify)

      1. My first (budget) Bucket list item would have to be buy a (new-to-me) vehicle. I absolutely love my current vehicle, but it has over 260,000 miles on it.

      It is beginning to exhibit an undesirable attitude. To make this happen, I have already established an account that is specifically setup for this purchase.
      2. My second (budget) Bucket list item is to pay for that “new” vehicle with cash.

      To accomplish this goal, I am putting every extra cent in that account, but I’m also putting my change and “wasteful” money in the account. Change – I break a full dollar, get the change, and put it in the account. “Wasteful” money is just what it sounds like – you know the “I could really use a diet cola right now” or “I really want that candy bar” money.

      I am instead making sure I don’t leave the house without my straw-laden drink cup and a snack in my purse. These two steps have really sent the balance upward – especially since we are encountering warmer weather.
      3. My final (budget) Bucket item is to triple our retirement within the next 5 years.

      We will be able to achieve this by downsizing, tighter money management, and more frugal living. The lights are off or on low (3-way lights), no one in room – TV is off, moved to a flat-rate cell phone plan, re-purposing everything (even leftovers), no new clothing (except underclothing, socks, etc) – going to thrift stores.

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      1) add insulation to home
      2) grow my own tomatoes
      3) start a herb garden

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      1. Start a small, manageable garden on my back patio. I’d really like to grow a variety of fruit trees.

      I’ve started collecting containers from my job that would normally be pitched in the garbage to re-purpose for gardening.
      2. Compost.
      3. Clear the clutter.

      I’m not a hoarder and not quite a minimalist. I currently live in a 2-bedroom/1ba, patio apartment with limited storage space. Ideally I would like to pare down my belongings to only the things I really use on a regular basis. Being a single, full-time working mom of a 2-yo toddler it is challenging to find enough time and energy to accomplish all that I’d like.

      Become more knowledgeable on vehicle maintenance/repairs.
      5. Decrease the use/reliance of commercial products. So far I’ve made my own laundry detergent, hand soap, and bathroom cleaner.

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      The Challenge Question is : What is left on your (budget) Bucket list? How do you intend to make it happen? (list at least 3 to qualify)

      Interesting question….
      1) Pay off the house.

      Hope to have this accomplished in about ten years but for some reason keeping making repairs and additions that keep this from happen just yet.
      2)Finish school and pay it all off. Hopefully this will lead to a pay increase which could help to get this loan paid in about five years.
      3)Make my own. I do this with quite a bit but every time I come to this site I see a whole lot more I could be doing that would not only save me $$$ but also make life simplier and healthier.

      I hope to add one new item each week that I make rather than purchase at the store. This will likely be the hardest one to accomplish because sometimes it is so much easier to just buy it 🙂

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      1) Start a garden to grow our own veggies, and some fruits (strawberries & blueberries…me 3-yr-old can eat a pound of strawberries in one sitting)
      2) Figure out a way to make my chain-link fence a little more private, and nice looking
      3) Start my own business selling things that I love to make, mainly crocheted items

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      Our (budget) bucket list is simple.

      In the coming year my wife and I are committed to:

      1) paying off our home and becoming debt-free. To accomplish this we have increased our payments and in October, Lord willing, we’ll pay our 20 year mortgage in 9 years.

      2) clear out all the “stuff” we’ve piled up in our 28 years of marriage. This will likely include a spring and fall yard sale, as well as renting a dumpster (yes we’ve piled up a lot).

      3) get back to basics with regards to our needs and greeds. We are amazed at how fancy (read ‘complicated’) our life has become. Living frugally doesn’t mean living in poverty.

      This year, we’ll eat more from our garden; we’ll not replace every gadget that breaks; we’ll practice focusing on the simpler things in life.

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      Give up the fear of return CA and get a Passport and go to Paris and take my family !

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      To grow a garden, learn to ice skate and go on a cruise.

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      On my bucket list I plan on learning how to improve on my gardening skills, and really try hard to can, freeze and more about dehydrating foods so I can save more money and live a healthier lifestyle, without all the preservitives that are in most store bought foods. Also I want to learn how to make my own soaps, and even buy a sewing machine and learn to make blankets etc for my grandson and future grandchildern and pass this on as my grandmother did me!

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      1. Visit Biltmore Estate in Spring and at Christmas time.
      2. Go on an Alaskan cruise.
      3. Tour the DC area for three days.
      4. Take a leisurely road trip from North Carolina to Louisiana while making stops along the way.
      5. Go visit my aunts and uncles, whom I only meet at my father’s funeral, in Chicago.

      I plan to achieve them by saving up money and taking the time to just do them! 1 and 3 I plan to try to do this year.

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      My budget bucket list is:
      1. finish home renovations
      2. start a small business

      be able to quit our jobs comfortably

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      Hi My bucket list for the budget 101 would be.

      1) Make the 1tsp laundry sauce.
      2) A pallet decking
      3) 4 door shed already managed to get 3doors at the auction for £2 lol

      Not sure which will happen first but printing off the instructions might be a start lol


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      My husband and I have been helping my son and daughter-in-law to build a house (over 5000 square feet) over the previous year. It is almost move in day! It is on the 5 acres on our farm that we gave them and over a little ways away from it we already have a 2-car garage with an apartment over it that my daughter lived in before she got married and my son lived in the first few years he was married.

      When he moved out my daughter got divorced and lived there for a few more years. She has now moved out and I am ready to fix it up and move in. This will allow me to do some repair work on my home to prepare it to rent, because I plan to build a house near the garage/apartment.

      My goal this summer is to move into the apartment. To do this I need to redo the tile on the kitchen floor, replace the carpet in the bedroom, and liven up the steps and front porch. Let’s get ready to work!

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      1. start a garden
      2. can and freeze as much food as i can

      lower our bills, i started with turning down the hot water heater.

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      #1. Healthy, inexpensive menus to reuse and rotate throughout the year.
      #2. Create, holistic remedy book for as alternative treatments.

      Collect cute, crafty birthday gift ideas to make for family and friends.

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      What is left on your (budget) Bucket list? How do you intend to make it happen? (list at least 3 to qualify)

      I have a bunch of things on my Bucket list in life.

      I want to see yellowstone National Park, hike through a rainforest and learn how to garden without any kind of pesticides. This year I have started my first completely organic garden using some companion planting charts I found on this site. I’m hoping that I’ll be able to cross off one of my bucket list items soon!

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      make me a forever home
      furnish with diy items
      decorate with diy projects money1 smilie

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      My “Budget” Bucket list consists of the following:

      1. Cutting up All credit card offers that arrive in the mail.
      2. Cutting out ALL unnecessary expenses from this years budget

      Thoroughly check out a “charity” Before I donate
      4. Explore a nearby park
      5. Visit Stonehenge

      Help a Complete Stranger
      7. Stop Procrastinating

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      @adaniels75 461731 wrote:

      2) Figure out a way to make my chain-link fence a little more private, and nice looking

      you can actually purchase inexpensive slats to slide into chain link fences in a variety of colors and styles to add privacy.
      You could also plant vines along the fence, such as morning glorys, trumpet vine, jasmine, etc. These all grow rapidly and create a nice privacy fence.

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      Pay off my credit cards

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      I want to learn to play guitar.
      I want to make Whisky Fig Cranberry Sauce
      I want to learn how to make Carrot Cake Jam
      I’d like to build a greenhouse.

      I’ve found some inexpensive videos on youtube that explain the chords and I bought a guitar through craiglist. I found a few new recipes to try this year. I’ve been reading many different posts about inexpensive homemade greenhouses and we’re going to build one soon using reclaimed materials.

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      My bucket list is pretty simple, I want to grow my own lemon tree, pineapple plant and brussels sprouts.

      Brussels sprouts are the weird one on the list because I’ve tried about 10 different times already and they always seem to die.

      Also, I’d like to learn which plants can grow all winter long inside without needing to be pollinated because I’d like to grow some foods in the wintertime for my family and not have to pollinate them with q-tips (which doesn’t work very well).

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      My financial goals:
      1) Pay off car, only seven months of payments
      2) Clean up credit
      3) Start a savings account that doesn’t get touched until we use it for a down payment on a house
      4) Buy a house

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      Budget101 Challenge:What’s on My Bucket List?
      1) finishing the extra room – prepping floor, laying flooring/baseboards – have the supplies, waiting on time & a friend, & U-tube directions to finish rather than pay someone
      2) backyard – currently a field of weeds. Need to use weed wacker, lay weed barrier cloth, pea gravel, clothes drying line, garden beds, veggie plants – according to landscape plan I made up 2 years ago. Using Xmas gift cards from Home Depot to fund.
      3) Clear garage – Stuff to recycling for cash, donations, list on CraigsList to sell, give/trade un-needed items. Clean Garage, get some cash, Win/Win

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      Re: Budget101 Challenge: What’s on your (budget) Bucket List?
      1. To see my last child grow into manhood.
      2. Travel this beautiful country of ours RVing.

      To payoff home before full retirement.

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      To travel to England, I intend on lay buying my trip starting soon.

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      I want to be able to Afford to:
      re-build my retirement account that was used to save my home.
      retire early and help people, home visits and such.
      travel to visit family.
      accomplish more of the to do list on my home.
      Working on learning new budget ways to accomplish the above from here. 🙂

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      1) My first goal is to pay off my student loan debt. This just takes time and no skipping payments.
      2) I really want to make the leap into owning a home. Once my loans are paid off I want to save it all so that way I have a larger down payment.
      3) Lastly I’ve always wanted to do a European river cruise.

      This will require planning and again saving, but this will be saved up much quicker than the house fund.

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      Skydiving, Swimming with Dolphins, Going on a Cruise

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      @Dundin 461737 wrote:

      2) clear out all the “stuff” we’ve piled up in our 28 years of marriage. This will likely include a spring and fall yard sale, as well as renting a dumpster (yes we’ve piled up a lot).

      Update: We’ve scheduled our first yard sale for June 6-7.

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      After being in a near fatal hit and run accident on 1/31/14 and now facing breast cancer this one really hits home for me. My youngest son is 15 years so my biggest concern is his future.
      1. Eliminate debt

      Pay down mortgage
      3. Create a living will.

      On a personal level –
      1. Drive around America.
      2. See my son into adulthood.

      Go fishing with my daddy.

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      MsDebbie, wow. You are in our thoughts and prayers!

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      Great thought-provoking post! Things I must do are:

      1. Simplify and clear out clutter, from my home and my mind, by applying the practice of Zen. And some elbow grease.

      2. Take a painting class from a local artist. I’ve painted for many years but a class would benefit me in technique and inspiration. I save my change and keep it in plastic coffee cans.

      Seems like I always have a couple of pounds of change in my purse.

      3. Someday I would like to go to Italy, sit right down in Italian dirt, and sketch and paint the Italian countryside. A trip like this couldn’t be funded on “found change!”

      I will open an interest bearing checking account and make monthly payments to it as I’m paying bills. Research will allow me to estimate costs and adjust the monthly savings towards the trip, and calculate how many months it will take to make it happen.

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      I hope all of your bucket list, and your wildest dreams come true. Have been down this road with a friend. She is still here after 18 years and enjoying her grand children!

      I pray your life is long and beautiful.

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      1. I want to decorate my little home in a subtle steampunk style.
      * I am going to try to do this by making over a couple of pieces of furniture myself, as well as using many of the art supplies I have collected over the years, and having great fun doing it all.

      2. I need to stop procrastinating and have knee surgery, and back surgery as soon as I can save enough to make the co-pays.
      *I’m not sure exactly how I’m going to raise enough, but I am going to start by having a yard sale and putting that money aside, and see if I can sell some of my crafty stuff on Etsy, or wherever I can find to sell stuff. I’m sure I will have to cut back on some things I don’t really need.

      3. I want to be able to have nice presents for all 10 of my grandchildren, and my great-grandson for christmas.
      *I’m searching for good diy/myo ideas everywhere I can…I have just today found “Budget101” and am very excited about everything I can learn here.

      This is very cool. Thank you for prompting me to think of these things this way.

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      My daughter and I went to Italy and Greece, it was amazing! Greece is far more impressive, and cleaner. They have alot of pride in their history.

      Italy has alot more shopping and dining opportunities.

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      Willowwend, I don’t know if you have heard of this new car concept…The ELIO. (( eliomotors.com)) it is a three wheel vehicle, two seater, and will get up to 84 miles/gallon, with a 12 gallon tank. $6800 is the intended price for a brand new vehicle, low cost, low insurance premiums, 5 star crash rating.

      Just a thought, good luck on your bucket list.

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      1st on my budget bucket list is: I’d like to save over $200 a month in groceries. I now spend between $500-$600 a month and I plan to take as many ideas, as I can sift through, from this site, to significantly cut my grocery bill.

      2nd I’d like to start a garden, by trying out a simple verticle herb garden to begin with, like the one I found recently on this site.

      3rd I’d like to try my hand at a little homesteading and becoming a bit more self sufficient, by building a chicken coop and raising 5 or 6 chickens for eggs.

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      first, is get out of debt.should happen within a year. second increase household income. third, find a house.

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