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      b101-challenge-giveaways Welcome to our Budget101 Challenge Question!

      repurposing is when you take an item that is meant for one use and give it new life and new purpose… like this project here where one of our members took old hockey sticks and turned them into a bench!

      The Challenge Question is :
      what item/object have you cleverly repurposed in your home (yard, garage,etc) and given new life to?

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      Budget101 Challenge Name: Repurposing Old Items into New Things!

      Link to the Challenge Issued: https://www.budget101.com/tips-n-tricks/544543-repurposing-old-items-into-new-things.html

      winner/goodie giveaway recipient: ZeniaHess

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      There are so many different things we repurpose around here. The one that I like the most is I turned my old changing table into a recycling station. I took it–it has 2 shelves and then the top.

      I got milk boxes from the grocery store and covered them with shelving contact paper I already had. It made it so much easier to sort my recyclables. I was able to keep it in a breeze way right outside my kitchen door.

      It really solved a problem because I didn’t have room in my kitchen for a recycle bin.

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      I use large dog food bags to make recycling bags that can be reused. I cut off the bottom, square it up either by sewing (use the same needle to sew them) or by gluing. The part you cut off bottom can be sewn onto top as handles.

      They stay open when sat on the floor or hung on the walls. The smaller bags or used for storing pet supplies either at home or on the road. I wash the inside with dawn before working with and using.

      I hope pet owners can use this.

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      I reuse plastic grocery bags as liners for my bathroom trashcans and to use in the car. We fill milk jugs and 2-liters with water to freeze so we can reduce energy costs in our upright freezer. Salsa and sauce jars are reused for extra pasta not used from the box, dried beans or for a non food use, a pen/pencil holder or a vase.

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      I had a favorite knitted sweater that had become hopelessly stained. I could not donate it, and the thought of tossing it was unbearable. I unraveled the whole thing and used the yarn to crochet little cozies for my mason jars I use for work lunches.

      I often take hot cereal for breakfast, and since the cozies are cotton, I can put the jar in the microwave cozie and all, and can then handle the hot jar with ease.

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Free Stuff ~Coupons Galore ~ Hot Deals B101 Challenges B101 Challenge: Upcycle-Repurpose