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      Melissa Burnell

      b101-challenge-giveaways Welcome to our Budget101 Challenge Question!

      The Challenge Question is : Share your Best Stain Removing/Stain Fighting Tip, trick or Recipe

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      As a nurse when you leave pens in pockets and not finding them until you take your clothes out of the dryer and you see ink spot on your white clothes

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      I used Cascade dishpowder, (not liquid) made a paste and rubbed it in and let it set on my daughters white top where she spilt grape juice. Soaked and scrubbed by hand then rinsed. Washed in the machine with a load of clothes and Wow all the stain was gone!!!

      I used powder because it was over 30 years ago!!

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      Hydrogen peroxide eats away blood from clothes

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      scrub stain with either Dawn liquid (just a little) or use Fels Naptha on the stain and hand scrub

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      Grease or red sauce = dawn dish soap, leave on for 24 hrs
      Ring around the collar or perspiration = fels naptha laundry bar
      Ink = alcohol & white rag
      Carpet stains = white rags, water bottle & hot iron

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      To remove a blood stain use perioxide. Just pour some on a cotton pad & dab onto the stain.

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      I use a mixture of dawn liquid dishwashing soap and peroxide. That really helps with taking grease stains out of clothes.

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      Spray the stain with water and rub with a bar of fels naptha works every time.

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      Unfortunately my stains usually stay in, but I know peanut butter works great for gum!

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      My best tip is a management tip, treat it as soon as you see it, otherwise the dryer sets the stain πŸ™‚

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      My daughter got blood on her hoodie and I wet it down with cold water then used Ivory bar soap on it. rubbed gently and rinsed with cold water came right out

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      Use Hydrogen Peroxide to remove mold and soap scum from bathtub and sinks. Will foam as it works.

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      OI have used hair spray on ink stains and hydrogen peroxide on blood stains both work pretty well.

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      I use biokleen dry laundry powder, add a little water to make a paste and let sit. Always use cold water with any stain!

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      Put a small amount of the blue, Dawn dish soap on an oil stain and wash as usual. This also works on stains on clothes that have been washed and dried, previously. For the previously washed clothes it may take two washings to get all of the oil stain out.

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      I use laundry sauce, a scrub brush and cold water, never hot water because it sets stains. For protein stains I add hydrogen peroxide. Try to get to stains as soon as possible so they don’t set in too long.

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      I have discovered that Fels Naptha and Zout spray are a great combination. My 10 year old daughter has to wear a white shirt as part of her school uniform and has spilled chocolate milk on many of them. I was just about to go buy new shirts when I tried this combo.

      First I must say some of the stains were pretty old, like beginning of the school year old. I got the shirt wet and then rubbed the Fels Naptha in to the stains really good. Then, I sprayed the Zout on top of that and then rubbed that in as well.

      I washed the shirt in warm water with my own homemade laundry soap (Ivory soap, washing soda, and borax). I couldn’t believe my eyes when the shirts came out spotless!!

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      @Budget101 426613 wrote:

      The Challenge Question is : Share your Best Stain Removing/Stain Fighting Tip, trick or Recipe

      I put Peroxide on food stains. Resolve on other stains

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      when you color your own hair and stain your skin…… all you need to do to remove the stain is wet the skin and then apply ashes… either from a cig.

      / cigar/ fireplace and or grill ashes remove color stains from skin…..

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      The stain removal recipe from The Tightwad Gazette has been the best for me! Equal parts water, ammonia, Wisk (I use my own liquid detergent) and vinegar. Put it on and let it sit for a few minutes!

      Works great!

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      It really depends on the stain which is how I depend which method would work the best. I use hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) to get protein based stains out, for example: poo (my youngest is in cloth daipers), blood and killing mold (if needed). I raise it out by turning the clothing inside out to get as much off as possible with cold water. Then I put H2O2 deirtly on the stain and let it sit for awhile, then wash it in cold in the washer.

      I have also use Borax to help boost my laundry soap by adding a little in and it seems to work great. Another thing is I have these clean empty gallon glass jars with lids and I will fill them with borax and water and put the clothes in them and shake it a couple thing over the next few hours and wash like normal and this has worked out excellent for me and my family.

      I have this chart printed out and it’s up on the wall in the laundry room. I refer to it all the time.
      Natural Stain Treatment Reference Sheet with Printable

      I also look at them website for help.
      Stain Removal Chart | Clean Living | American Cleaning Institute

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      I always have generic hairspray in laundry cabinet for ink stains… spray on spots, let it work for a bit, rinse and repeat if needed, wash as usual! I also have peroxide for any blood stains…

      fizzles it away! Recently made my first batch of Super Sauce and am in love with it!!!

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      My wedding dress has been hanging in my closet for many years; my son is getting married and his fiance wanted to see my dress. I got it out and it was stained with yellow spots and somehow had gotten mold on the skirt. I found something that works really well for me getting stains out.

      It is a product that used to be spray n wash called resolve. It took out all of the yellow spots, but unfortunately not the mold.

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      I use blue dawn, it cleans more than you think!

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      If you get a spag sauce stain, just rub a little Dawn dish wahing soap into stain, let sit for 10minutes then launder. Stain should dissolve right out.

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      Mix equal parts white vinegar,peroxide, baking soda and water in a container I use a 24 oz shaker bottle and put 4oz of each in after the fizzing stops shake gently until it’s fully mixed then pour the amount you need to cover the stain rub the material together or if it’s a rug dip a sponge into the mixture and scrub the spot for about a full minute and rinse.

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      Mix equal parts white vinegar,peroxide, baking soda and water in a container I use a 24 oz shaker bottle and put 4oz of each in after the fizzing stops shake gently until it’s fully mixed then pour the amount you need to cover the stain rub the material together or if it’s a rug dip a sponge into the mixture and scrub the spot for about a full minute and rinse.

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      Mix hydrogen peroxide with Dawn dish soap and baking soda. Brush paste on stain comes off when laundered. Works great!

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      I use a mix of dawn, ammonia, baking soda and water in a spray bottle. Gets out alot of stains including old ones that have been “set” in the clothes. And it doesn’t discolor my whites with my well water.

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      white wine removes red wine stains. lemon juiice removes a lot of stains for me.

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      I usually do not have stains to remove as I try to be very careful not to get anything on my clothes. But if I do spill something then I pour a bit of laundry detergent directly on the stain and let it sit until I do laundry, which for me (as a widow) is only about 4 – 5 loads every 2 weeks. This usually works.

      But if the stain is still there after being washed, repeat with laundry detergent and let sit again. do not dry the item with the stain if it has not come out the first time. and, if the stain never comes out i am ok with that.

      it is not like that is the only piece of clothing i have.

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      @jacssoap 426615 wrote:

      As a nurse when you leave pens in pockets and not finding them until you take your clothes out of the dryer and you see ink spot on your white clothes

      that appears to be a tip on how to stain clothing, rather than how to remove stains from clothing. πŸ˜‰

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      To remove a blood stain use your spit if you have nothing else, peroxide works well but make sure you rinse or it will beach a spot.

      I have my grandmothers recipe for lye soap, works on all kinds of stains.

      Also from my grandmother, powder dishwasher detergent and hot water, put whites in and let soak overnight and wash as usually. can you say white!

      I love baking soda and vinegar!

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      Spray hairspray on a chocolate stain before washing your clothes

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      My favorite stain fighting tips are

      A. Use the Super Laundry Sauce- it really works.

      B. Tea & Coffee stains can be removed easily by stretching the fabric over the sink and pouring boiling water onto the stain, through the fabric, it will rinse right out.

      C. Tomato Sauce stains come out easily if you rinse it immediately in cold water from the backside of the fabric. don’t run water through the front of the stain or you’ll only settle it in deeper into the fabric.

      rub in some laundry sauce and launder quickly.

      d. milk & ice cream stains should be treated by soaking in cold water for 10 minutes, but never hot water which will SET the stain forever. Rub it with dawn dish detergent and then wash normally.

      E. Never dry any fabric until a stain has been removed or it will set permanently.

      Those are my favorite stain removal tips!

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      Rubbing alcohol and hairspray are GREAT for removing ink
      from clothing. Alcohol can also be used to wipe away
      permanent marker from hard surfaces. I also use dawn dish
      liquid for spot treating stains on laundry.

      No need to buy
      expensive stain removers!

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      I keep oxyclean on hand and soak dh’s white t- shirts in them. It’s really the only thing that I’ve found to get out underarm stains.

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      I usually just use a stain stick or laundry detergent directly on the stain a while before washing, but I am trying to get away from these products and love everyone’s ideas! The hydrogen perioxide does work great to remove blood!

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      I use Dawn dish washing liquid. I buy a big bottle of the original dawn

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      I use Hairspray to get Permanent Marker out of clothes πŸ™‚ It really works !

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      Sap on Clothes: Remove as much as possible with a dull knife or a spoon. Rub in a lubricant, like glycerin, and let sit until the sap softens. Place the garment stain-side down on a stack of paper towels and tap to loosen the sap.

      Rinse. If any stain remains, apply a stick or spray stain remover and let sit for 15 minutes. Machine wash.

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      I use a 1 part dawn soap, to 2 parts peroxide, in a regular sized spray bottle and fill with water. Spray on the stains, wash in cold water so as not to set in stains and it works amazingly! I get orange babyfood, spitup, grape juice and all kinds of filthy stains out of my white down comforter on my bed!

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      Dawn, vinager, and baking soda….

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      To get out baby poo, I saturate with just water and set in the sun til dry!

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      After being in law enforcement for 15 years, it made my day to inform a veteren patrol officer that his blood soaked polyester uniform pants were not ruined. I told him about using peroxide. Dab or pour on.

      (Both sides of the stain if possible) Repeat until it stops foaming. Then launder as usual. πŸ™‚

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      When my son was little, I would take his clothes to a resale store. At one of them, I was told to take the clothes that had stains on them, put them in a sink with a mixture of Cascade and warm water, let them sit overnight and then launder them the next day. Worked like a charm!

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      Dawn soap for colored clothes and Dawn mixed with peroxide for white clothes.

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      For ink, I spray hairspray on the stain and dab the area.
      For blood, I use peroxide.
      For dirt or food, I use dawn dish detergent and rub in.
      For perspiration, I use baking soda and sometimes dawn detergent.
      For odors, I add white vinegar to the load of laundry.

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      I have used many things to get stains out.. Dishwasher detergent works great for grass stains on white football or baseball pants. Just put a little in the sink with water and soak then wash like normal in washer.

    • #450132

      cold water and non-petroleum based soap works on nearly every stain.

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      I always use blue Dawn dish soap on laundry stains and a bar of Fels Naptha soap is great on grass stains. Carpet stains come up easy with a little white vinegar spray.

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      I use a salt and baking soda paste to get really tough yellow stains around the armpit area, and toss in the laundry with some vinegar!

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      @hny1021 427191 wrote:

      To get out baby poo, I saturate with just water and set in the sun til dry!

      i’m sorry, i’m failing to see how that would remove poop, wouldn’t the sun just bake it into the fabric??

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      I actually use Resolve for laundry.

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      I am not great at getting out stains but I’m learning. One trick that I do know is to use rubbing alcohol to remove spots from a dry erase marker. It seems to work best if you apply it to the opposite side of the fabric.

      Work from the outside of the stain towards the center, and dab until the mark disappears. Good luck!

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      That’s mine too! original dawn and peroxide

    • #450143

      I love Awesome from the Dollar Tree, I even got permanent marker out of carpet with this.

    • #450144

      Peroxide! My dsughter has frequent nose ble err dsughter and this is the most effective

      Way to remove the blood.

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      For oil and grease stains on clothing, sprinkle on baking soda, let sit for one hour. Shake off, repeat and wash as usual.

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      I use non aerosol hair spray to remove ink stains from clothing. Simply spray and rub in stain area well. Finally wash separate in cold water.

      We recently used it on my daughters leather seats in her new car. She sprayed a soft cloth with hairspray, rubbed out the stain. Once the ink was removed, she rubbed vaseline on the treated area to put moisture back into the leather so it wouldn’t dry out.

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      Kids are in school and always getting ink on clothes and other things. I have a bottle of hairspray standing by and it dissolves the ink, then wash to remove hairspray.

    • #450148

      Rub Fels Naptha onto the stain and let it set. Works like a charm :). I use the “nub” from when I shred the bar for soap making.

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      Hydrogen Peroxide for protein-based stains (blood, spit-up, milk,etc.); hair spray/hand sanitizer/alcohol for ink stains; dawn for grease-based stains. I dabble in selling used clothing on eBay when the site first started in the old days. I loved a good stain challenge!

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      I love using Dawn dish detergent (the original blue of course!) for most of my clothing stains. And I’m beginning to use baking soda & peroxide more. I am absolutely loving this site!

      Thank you!

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      White vinegar, spray on and let sit! Great for getting out armpit stains from deodorant! And baking soda paste!

      Mix baking soda with some water rub into stain and let sit! Throw in wash using the DIY detergent found on this site!!! It’s the best!!!

    • #450152

      Super Laundry Sauce Kit

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      We put a scoop of baking soda in every load of wash and with 3 kids most everything comes out with no spots left. Also I had some jeans with rust stains on them… I put some toilet bowl cleaner on them and let soak for few minutes then threw in wash and …..

      No more rust stains πŸ™‚

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      Hairspray on ink or Sharpie stains. Spray, let sit a few minutes and scrub. Used this on clothing and rugs.

      Aquanet works the best!

    • #450156

      My husband works outdoors managing a hunting preserve. His clothes are often stained with all manner of organic materials from plain dirt to fertilizer to animal materials. I find that Mean Green handles nearly every stain he can find!

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      Baking soda, Dawn dishwashing liquid, and lemon juice is my go-to stain remover

    • #450158

      i don’t know how to remove stains

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      For blood on clothes, I turn it inside out, run cold water over it, pour some peroxide on the blood stain (careful on colored clothes) and let it do its magic then launder, and voila the blood is gone.

    • #450160

      Oven cleaner, either aerosol or trigger spray, works on most stains, BUT… check for color fastness first!

    • #450161

      I love using hydrogen peroxide and baking soda. It works for so many different things! πŸ™‚

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      As a single mother of five currently living on less than $1000/mo (yes, it’s possible!!!) My best laundry tip is to prevent stains when you can by using starch…you can make it homemade for Pennies and the dirt and junk will stick to it instead of your clothes, but, if you have a stain that just decides to be stubborn I use one of two methods: pretreat with soap and scrub in with a nail brush and let sit for at least an hour before washing or try a magic eraser!!! It removed washed (and dried) in ink pen from a pair of jeans my daughter colored on at school! (she was trying to ruin them because they weren’t “skinny”jeans lol I showed her!!!!) Doing this I have managed to use hand-me-downs for all four of my boys!!!!!

    • #450163

      I use Oxy Clean to get out a lot of different stains

    • #450164

      Continue to re wash til stain comes out, lol., not so great at laundry!

    • #450165

      I keep a stain remover stick in the closet in our bathroom. That way when I see a stain I can treat it immediately before I get distracted by everything else going on in my life!

    • #450166

      My worst stain was when I was working in a carbon plant. It was a mixture of 2 oils and some kind of solvent (not really sure what they where anymore). I tried everything to get them out of my shirt.

    • #450167

      I am not very good with stains. I use hairspray to get rid of pen stains on clothing. I also use baby wipes to get rid of deodorant stains on clothes without having to wash them.

      If there is a stubborn stain on a piece of clothing I just use a toothbrush with my laundry detergent and give it a scrub. I would love to win the super laundry sauce ingredients! I have been looking for the ingredients at my local store so that I can make it.

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      I use liquid dish soap (Dawn) and scrub it in. I also have used peroxide for blood stains and hair spray for ink stains.

    • #450172

      A trick I learned from my mom a long time ago is to boil a pot of water and add a cup of vinegar to it, then put in whites and let them soak over night, then wash. It takes the dingy look out of your whites. You can also remove deodorant stains by spraying vinegar on the stained area before washing.

    • #450178

      I have been using this recipe for years and had shared it with family who never really took me seriously. At Christmas time my son got off work and drove home six hours in his nasty greasy work clothes as he is a mechanic. I of course took care of them with my homemade laundry detergent, used a little of it in a soupy paste on one of the worst stains.

      He was amazed said his work clothes never came out so clean before and the smell of oil was gone that usually lingered on his clothes. He wanted the recipe of course πŸ™‚

    • #450179

      Remove ink stains from furniture with rubbing alcohol. Simply dab with a clean cloth that has been dipped in rubbing alcohol. Rub lightly if needed.

      I have removed ink from a light colored chair and a tan suede bench using this method.

    • #450180

      I heard the the sun helps bleach out stains. I forgot about that tip for years. One summer day after playing in the water table with a stained shirt on, I removed the the stained, wet shirt from my young son and left it on the deck to dry.

      To my grateful surprise when I returned (yes I forgot about it over night and it sat out in the sun for almost 2 days!) the shirt was very dry and the stains were gone! I have used this “trick” many times since! πŸ™‚

    • #450181

      whisk detergent on any stain

    • #450182

      Hydrogen peroxide for some stains. Shampoo also works on some.

    • #450185

      I use hair shampoo and on tough stains I add a little peroxide

    • #450177

      My tip… Be careful and don’t spill anything…lol but if you do use a toothbrush with soap on it it gets in the fabric better πŸ™‚ I’ve never tried the homemade soap but always wanted to hopefully I am selected so you can make me a believer!!! πŸ™‚ thx!!

    • #450173

      I use meat tenderizer powder to remove blood from clothing. I put it on as a paste and let it set for 15 minutes and wash. Comes right out.

    • #450174

      Rubbing alcohol dabbed on the stain with a qtip.

    • #450155

      Make a paste of powdered laundry soap or dishwasher detergent. Apply with a soft toothbrush, allow to sit a few minutes and wash. Works every time!

    • #450184

      I use peroxide on tough stains that have color like juice and on other stains that aren’t bad i use creat toothpaste i just brush it on the stain, wet my toothbrush and scrub it works great.

    • #450186

      If you have a child who has “accidents” at night still, take a spray bottle filled with half peroxide, half water, a tsp or so of baking soda, and a couple drops dish detergent and spray down their mattress. It will get rid of the stains and freshen the smell. Leave it to dry for a few hours with the fan on or a window open.

      Works well if you do this in the morning then let it dry while they’re at school. On another note, I would sooo love to win this, my family just got stationed in Japan and the military commissary and bx don’t sell fels naptha or zote! grrr….

    • #450187

      I use vinegar, washing soda and water to get out our stains. Having a small baby at home, I’ve learned very quickly to stick with something if it works. This mixture worked wonderful when getting those spit-up stains out of clothing.

    • #450189

      I use Dawn Dish detergent and scrub fresh stains. I only use peri oxide when it is a tough stain.

    • #450191

      Purple power ! Had a grease stain cacked into a carpet, used purple power in a steam cleaner and it pulled it right up.

    • #450193

      Mud Stains: Brush off to remove loose soil. Soak is a solution consisting of 1 quart warm water, 1 teaspoon liquid dish soap, and 1 tablespoon of white vinegar for 15 minutes. Rinse and let stand for several minutes.

      If the stain persists, you can try sponging it with alcohol, rinse and wash.

    • #450194

      I used powdered Astonish and an old toothbrush. I make a paste with a little water, leave it on the stain for a few minutes, then brush it off. even takes off gum and pen stains πŸ˜‰

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    • #450196

      I am new to the Budget and Make Your Own stuff, so for stain removal I am still using commercial stain removers like Zout.

    • #450197

      I have found that goo gone is fantastic at taking out ink stains as well as grease stains from clothing!

    • #450198

      For general grease, dirt & food stains I use “awesome orange”-just spray the area well, and scrub lightly with toothbrush. You can buy the awesome orange at the dollar store. For ink stains, I spray the area with awesome orange, a little Dawn dish soap and scrub with toothbrush.

      For blood, I use peroxide or oxy clean(can buy either from the dollar store) and scrub with toothbrush. For yellow stains on light colored shirts or to get rid of underarm stains, I use 2 tbls lemon juice and 2 tbls peroxide.

    • #450199

      To remove ink stains, spray the spot with hairspray. It will dissolve right before your eyes and any remains will come out in the wash. This really works.

    • #450200

      i use the felt soap and really hot Water to get stains out , just put the hot water in a pale and put some felt soap in it then put the cloth in it , just let it sit for a while and then laundry it regualr

    • #450201

      Dawn dish soap is my go to. A little bit on the stain and some elbow grease – I’ve even had success removing acrylic paint.

    • #450188

      My daughter loves candles. She once left a ccandle burning and the wax dripped onto the carpet. Yikes. Used a paper towel and an iron to get that stain out of the carpet. place paper towel over the wax spot. Use a warm iron touching it to paper towel about 15-30 seconds lift. Check the stain. If it is not all gone they repeat with a new piece of paper towel

    • #450203

      To remove stains from microfiber couch like pen mark use fabuloso the purple one.

    • #450202

      getting candle wax out of carpet is a breeze with a square of papertowel and a warm iron. Just place the papertowel over the stain and place the warm iron over the paper towel for about 15- 30 seconds lift iron and paper towel. May take a few tries if it is a large stain. The heat lifts the wax without melting your carpet

    • #450204

      The best laundry stain removal tip I have is using Super Iron Out to remove the clay stains out of baseball/softball pants or clothes! Having two boys that played from ages 5 to 20 and now they play softball. It’s the best tip I have!!

    • #450205

      My cat is getting old and has stomach problems. He vomits bile almost daily on my white carpet. I use a pile of baking soda, let it sit for 24hours until dry, then sweep it up with a hand broom and dust pan. There are no stains on my carpet!

    • #450206

      The best stain removal tip that I have is using Super Iron Out to remove clay stains from baseball/softball pants or clothes!! Having two boys that played baseball from ages 5 – 20 and now they play softball!! It’s the best tip I have!!

    • #450207

      Using an iron and an old newspaper (or paper towels) helps to get out candle stains. Caution, use an old iron

    • #450208

      The best way to remove organic stains like carrot and tomato from baby clothes is to leave them in the sun. It’s healthy and free!

    • #450209

      I’m a mommy of 2 busy boys, one of whom is cloth diapered. The best way I’ve found to get those tough stains out…sun. Buy, or make, a clothesline, wash item with stain and hang dry in indirect sunlight to avoid fading of colors. If it doesn’t get it the first time around, re-wet and go again! Simple and FREE!

    • #450210

      I have always pre-treated with Shout if available or current laundry soap. Catching as soon as possible surely helps.

    • #450211

      I’ve used baking soda with water to make a paste. Rubbed the paste into stains and scrubbed on baseball pants and then thrown them in washer with arm and hammer detergent and they’ve come out perfectly clean!

    • #450212

      I used gel hand sanitizer to remove black acrylic paint I spilled on the carpet. Worked like a charm.

      @Budget101 426613 wrote:

      b101-challenge-giveaways Welcome to our Budget101 Challenge Question!

      The Challenge Question is : Share your Best Stain Removing/Stain Fighting Tip, trick or Recipe

      Wondering How to Play? Hit the reply button and answer the challenge question! (Seriously, that’s it)

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      Good Luck!
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      I use soda and vinegar in most stainodor removing. Rub a bit of soda on the stain and put some vinegar, it will bubble and voila the stain is gone. It is also great for making microwaves shine, drains smell less funky and gets pet odors out of tile floor grout. Happy cleaning!

    • #450214

      Toothbrush, you must have a toothbrush. My wonderful mother in law showed me this tip years ago & it changed my laundry habits especially with 3 boys. I use just about whatever I can get my hands on (as in dish wash or stain remover) if you use a toothbrush to scrub the remover down into the stain, it will almost always lift it out

    • #450217

      mix a small amount of dawn with baking soda and put on any grease stains

    • #450218

      Chalk on a fresh grease stain, then a soak in Dawn dish soap usually does the trick!

    • #450219

      A little hairspray sprayed on ink spots before washing works!

    • #450220

      I use original Dawn dishwashing liquid for greasy stains, and peroxide for blood or other protein type stains

    • #450223

      Removal of blood, works best is done immediately before blood dries. Soak a cotton ball with peroxide and dab at the blood spatters….poof…they sizzle away! Comes in handy after a sudden nosebleed.

    • #450224

      I had 3 boys who were very active in sports and grass stains were always on their clothes… Regular DAWN dish liquid…

    • #450225

      Grass stains removed easily with rubbing alchohl, undiluted. It dissolves the chlorophyll which gives grass it’s green color.

    • #450227

      Krud Kutter. It cleans up dried paint, removes hard water spots from glass, cleans house fire soot and smell from clothes and dishes, removes spray paint from concrete, cleans shoe scuff marks from vinyl floors, removes sharpie from walls and furniture. It’s a miracle cleaner!!

    • #450228

      When my newborn explodes in his diaper, i soak the garment in hot water then add the baby deterrent and scrub right away. For the most part this works, but every now and then I add a little shout for the extra large messes.

    • #450229

      I am still learning about all of these great products. Dont

      have much in my aresenal yet. Always use peroxide for blood.
      Dawn for grease and oxyclean for everything else. Would love to win this so I can finally try to make homemade products and maybe help make my kids healthier.

    • #450230

      My new favorite stain removing tip is to get sharpie out of cloth and suede. My 2 year old son did some art work on a chair! Rub with alcohol for 15 minutes, then rub with hydrogen peroxide for another 15.

      It will come right out!

    • #450231

      If you find the stain before it goes in the washer, spraying with any cheapo hair spray helps a lot

    • #450232

      I dissolve the super laundry detergent in water and keep it in a plastic squirt bottle (one of those mustard/ketchup types) and pretreat my stains and let them sit for a while. Works great.

    • #450233

      Rubbing alcohol removes grass stains…dissolves the chlorophyll which gives grass it’s green color!! Amazingly easier than scrubbing!

    • #450235

      I use Fels-Naptha. I grate a bunch of it up and put in a container with hot water to make a paste that I keep in the laundry room. When I have a stain, I wet the material down and rub the material with my paste.

      I then let it set for a while before washing. I would say that I am able to get 95% of stains out with this.

    • #450237

      For kitchen grease spots I spray Bathroom Cleaner on the spots and let stand for thirty minutes then wash as usual. Lestoil on my son’s coveralls removes the automobile grease and SMELL. Pour onto the grease, rub it in, soak for an hour and wash in the machine.

    • #450238

      I use dollar tree stain remover, spray the stain and rub with a bar of Fels-Naptha laundry soap. works great. If you don’t have the stain remover, just use cold water and rub with the soap.

      You can almost watch the stain disappear doing this.

      @Budget101 426613 wrote:

      b101-challenge-giveaways Welcome to our Budget101 Challenge Question!

      The Challenge Question is : Share your Best Stain Removing/Stain Fighting Tip, trick or Recipe

      Wondering How to Play? Hit the reply button and answer the challenge question! (Seriously, that’s it)

      What is the Goodie Giveaway for this Challenge? A Super Laundry Sauce Kit

      Learn More about Budget101 Challenges Here!

      good luck!
    • #450239

      I make a paste using baking soda, blue Dawn dish soap and hydrogen peroxide. Give it a little scrub with an old toothbrush, let dry then wash normally. This removes everything from dried in chocolate on my 3 year old nieces shirts and grass stains on my son’s baseball uniform to car grease from my husband’s jeans.

      I will never use a store bought stain remover again!

    • #450240

      Well this isn’t ground breaking, I just use shout, or soak the stain in the laundry soap…but I really want to win the Laundry sauce kit!!

    • #450241

      When out in public if I get a stain on my clothes I do what my dad taught me. Take napkin or paper towel (easy to find in any restroom anywhere u are) fold it up and put under the stain. and get another then wet it along with a drop or two of hand soap or dish soap.

      Pat stain with wet soaped towel /napkin until stain soaks thru onto dry napkin/towel underneath. Replace the dry with another dry if it gets wet until the stain is out. This has worked for me and others for many years.

    • #450242

      I pre-treat any and all stains with hand sanitizer. A quick scrubbing or run through the washer and any stains should disappear πŸ™‚

    • #450243

      I love cleaning all my furniture with vinegar and water! I add a little orange oil to clean my wood furniture! Love it!

    • #450245

      If you have baked on food use a denture tablet and soak overnight.

    • #450246

      I use rubbing alcohol to remove stains on fabrics and furniture.

    • #450247

      For greasy set in stains, Wet the area where the stain is located with full strength Lestoil and allow it to sit for at least 30 min or overnight. Wash as usual. Stain is gone!

    • #450248

      I’ve used hydrogen peroxide diluted with water to remove red popsicle stains from white capri pants

    • #450250

      I always go for the Fels-Naptha and do a good scrub before tossing in the wash.

    • #450255

      I use Dawn Dish Washing Liquid or my Laundry Sauce for stains. Just let it set on the stain for about 5 minutes and wash! For stubborn stains, I add Oxi clean.

    • #450256

      Mix baking soda and olive oil to make a past and couple drops of lemon juice to get stains off stainless steel
      rub on with paper towel then rub off with new paper towel.

    • #450257

      You can use hairspray to get ink out of your clothes. Just spray the ink spots, let hairspray dry & wash as normal. I never dry the item in the dryer until I know the stain is gone…

    • #450258

      I use the homemade laundry soap mix to clean my bath tub makes it look beautiful

    • #450260

      Dawn dish deter before washing, takes out almost anything.

    • #450261

      I have used a combination of white vinegar or apple cider vinegar along with some baking soda. The combination creates a fizz/foam and the reaction helps fight and remove all types of stains on tons of different surfaces areas! Works great and better yet, it’s cheap and makes an excellent budget cleaner!

    • #450263

      I start with room temperature water and use dish soap and Awesome (you can purchase from the Dollar Tree). This seems to work on almost all of my stains!

    • #450265

      I use LA’s Totally Awesome, found at the Dollar Tree and Dollar General. It is a mutlipurpose cleaner, but is great on stains. I used it on my sons white football pants.

    • #450266

      Everyone usually has baking soda in stock and this can be used for so many things, including stain removing. Simply mix 4 tablespoons of baking soda with 1/4 cup water to make a “paste”, works good for a fresh coffee stain on your clothes but first, test a “hidden” part of your clothing. Then, apply the paste with a soft brush or a white rag, scrub into the stain allowing to penetrate fully.

      It could take 1-2 hrs. for this to penetrate through the stain fully, then through in the wash. It worked for me some time ago!

      I imagine this could work on other stains as well.

    • #450269

      Rub a home dry cleaning cloth on ink and blood stains to remove, rinse with cold water.

    • #450270

      I soak my whites overnight in hot water, 1 cup laundry soap, 1 cup bleach, 1/2 cup borax, and 1 cup dishwasher detergent to make them super white. It gets rid of the dingies and most set-in stains. My mom always did this.

    • #450272

      When you have a blood stain, spray some hydrogen peroxide on the stained area, let rest for 2 minutes, then dot the stain with some dawn dish soap. Rub this in. Wash as directed.

    • #450273

      hydrogen peroxide is a great stain remover so is baking soda for cleaning in the bathroom and carpet stains and for clothes washing soda (or borax) and white vinegar

    • #450274

      I use vinegar a lot for stains. I held a baggie with vinegar in it on the end of my showerhead and it opened up the holes.

    • #450275

      I work in the veterinary field and we come in contact with a lot of things that can leave stains on our uniforms. We have a little trick when it comes to blood on clothing. Hydrogen peroxide dabbed on the area let it sit for a few minutes then straight into the washer. Comes out without a trace.

    • #450276

      Dump Cake

      1 box of Angel Food cake
      1 can of crushed pineapples

      do not at water just mix the 2 ingredients together and bake using the time and tempture on the cake box

      low calorie and a great snack

    • #450278

      I have found that the easiest way is vinegar and foca laundry powder. It counteracts grease and pen stains as well as stubborn foods.

    • #450280

      Putting vinigar on the stain before you wash it!

    • #450279

      My favorite stain remover is Fels Naptha soap, I keep a bar in the laundry room and before it goes in the washer I spray the stain with a little water then rub with the bar of Fels Naptha soap. On blood or protein stains I use Hydrogen Peroxide then rub with the soap GOODBYE STAINS!!!

    • #450282

      Good, old fashioned elbow grease! You have to scrub at stains and leave them, and then come back to them and scrub them some more. I used to use whatever soap I had (Palmolive or Dawn), but now I have a bar of Zote (because I was going to use it in the Laundry Sauce until I read the tutorials) and I use that.

    • #450283

      To remove ink from clothing, using a pump kind of hairspray, saturate the spot with the hairspray, allow to set a minute and then launder as usual.

    • #450286

      I’ve always done this: soak bloody clothes in cold soapy water for 5 minutes to help with the cleaning process. Wring out til damp and put it in with your next load of laundry

    • #450287

      I use lemon juice to saturate fabric and pour salt over then dry in the sun to remove formula/baby stains, this also works on rust stains! To remove ring around the collar, dirt and mildew apply a paste of vinegar and baking soda, rub in and wash as usual.

    • #450291

      For grease stains and stains on regular laundry, rely on Super Laundry Sauce and Dawn liquid!

      But what about your special cold-water delicates? And what about upholstered and padded items that can’t be soaked or put into a washing machine? Don’t despair…rescue them from tough stains and odors with enzyme treatment…and patience! Basically, this method involves: spray, wait, and repeat!

      We keep handy 1) a bottle of Nature’s Miracle Advanced Stain and Odor Remover enzyme liquid (available at Amazon, not just for pets…also available at pet stores for a *lot* more money!), and 2) a bottle of OxiClean enzyme liquid (purchase pre-made, or mix up your own recipe), and just refill spray bottles from the larger bottles. Nature’s Miracle has several excellent varieties that all work well. I think OxyClean is faster at removing tough stains, but Nature’s Miracle is better at removing tough odors, especially from carpets, mattresses, upholstered furniture, stuffed animals, etc. There are many other enzyme products available, but these are the 2 that we have tried, with great success!

      For cold water wash delicate fabrics with significant armpit stains, yellowing, old perspiration odor, urine odor, blood stains, ring-around-the-collar, grass, mud, or tough food-based tomato sauce, ketchup, or mustard stains, you are lilmited in what you can use without putting the delicate fabric at risk. No hot water or rubbing (will damage fabrics), and no peroxide or bleach (may cause color fading). Some cold water delicates with metal buttons or clasps will rust if soaked overnight. What to do to save that special garment?

      1) Spray the liquid enzyme product directly onto the stain…then hang or lay flat, and wait, allowing at least a few hours time for the enzymes to break down the stain/odor particles that are embedded in the fabric.

      2) If applicable, spot-rinse at the sink, gently, with cold water, to remove loosened stain particles, as needed.

      3) For significant stains with excess particles embedded in fabric, gently work in a bit of white bar soap (we use Dove because it’s handy) to the spot to loosen particles, while the spot is wet, then “spot-rinse” under the faucet to rinse away excess stain particles. Then continue enzyme treatment. It will work better with excess particles removed.

      4) Re-apply enzyme spray, hang item or lay flat, and wait again. Repeat until the stain and odor completely disappear. Just briefly check for progress, and give a quick spray…only takes seconds to do this. For the toughest stain problems, allow hours or days. Re-apply enzyme spray a couple of times/day as needed. You will see the stain gradually fade.

      5) Then launder the “rescued” garment as usual, good as new! Don’t put it in the dryer until you are sure the stain is gone!

      What if you need to remove a tough stain or odor from carpets, upholstered furniture, mattresses, stuffed animals, shoes, spot-clean-only pillows, etc.? If you have an indoor pet, or young children, or if you care for a handicapped or elderly person in your home, you don’t have to live with stubborn old odors! We’ve had amazing success with Nature’s Miracle enzyme liquids. Removing tough stains and odors from things like carpets, mattresses, etc., usually take longer than working with laundry items, especially in the case of a urine stain that has soaked into the underlying padding. First remove excess surface debris, then press a clean, dry, absorbant rag or towel onto a liquid stain repeatedly to remove as much liquid as possible. Then spray the area with liquid enzyme cleaner, and wait. May take repeated applications of enzyme spray, up to 2 weeks for complete removal of tough pet urine stains and odors, but your patience and efforts will pay off! The enzymes biodegrade the offending material to permanently eliminate odor, rather than just cover-up with perfumed products!

      OxiClean successes at my house: complete rescue of cold-water-wash delicates from huge dried-on yellow mustard stains, deep grass stains, blood, old and new armpit stinks. Nature’s Miracle successes: safe, healthy pet clean-up, and keeping the living area for an elderly, handicapped person smelling fresh and clean, without use of harsh chemicals that can irritate breathing and cause allergy problems and headaches.

      For rust stains, apply lemon juice and set item in the sun, then launder as usual.

    • #450292

      This is my Mom’s stain remover recipe that I have used for years. Take 1 TBSP peroxide, 1 TBSP ammonia and 1TBSP dish detergent (preferably clear/not colored) and scrub into stain with a toothbrush then launder as normal. It has worked on many hard stains and is great for grease ones!

    • #450293

      I have used lemon and water mixed together to get rid of organic stains. For the tougher ones I add a little salt and scrub at the stain. Make sure to rinse thoroughly with cold water and then wash normally.

    • #450294

      Work in the medical field and hydrogen peroxide works wonders!!!

    • #450285

      I make a paste of hydrogen peroxide with baking soda and squirt of Dawn (blue) regular dishwash soap, rub it in and let it sit for 10-15 min. Sometimes rubbing it together helps if it is a tough stain. I have not used this on any delicate fabric, pretty much on cottons and denims.

    • #450300

      My husband had a permanent maker in the back pocket of some cotton slacks. The lid came off and of course the ink was all over the pocket. I applied vinegar on the area and washed the pants in cold water. It’s been several years ago but I think it took a few time before it was all gone.

    • #450302

      Laundry detergent, toothbrush, and time.

    • #450304

      I make the whitening soak from Budget101 using dishwasher detergent, bleach, and hot water. Works great!

    • #450305

      I keep hydrogen peroxide in a spray bottle by the washer to spray spots and stains. My husband used it the other day on a spot of blood. He said, “Wow, it disappeared right before my eyes!” (He NEVER treats a stain so this cracked me up!)

    • #450306

      I spray with hydrogen peroxide, then rub with a bar of Fels Naptha soap.

    • #450307

      White Vinegar & baking soda for sweat stains

    • #450295

      Use rubbing alcohol to get ink pen stains out of fabric.

    • #450296

      Totally Awesome spray from Dollar General.

    • #450308

      Spray the spot with airasol hair spray before washing..

    • #450309

      Folex works wonders on any stain.

    • #450310

      Having sold appliances, one of the things manufacturers and retailers don’t always tell you is that if you have a “stain” cycle on your washer, use it. It has a special program that is designed to help release all stains by starting the wash with cold water, then progressing to hot. Protein based stains, like blood, need cold water while oil based stains require hot water.

    • #450313

      I use my laundry soap & scrub it out.

    • #450315

      Being a DIY and living on a farm, I’ve come across many tough stains from axle grease, horse muck, frying grease and the good old blood from busted knuckles. My go-to quick stain remover is WD40 and to date it has been the best stain remover I’ve found to date. I keep a can of it in the laundry and in my truck for quick stain treatment.

    • #450316

      Pretreat with Oxifresh and let soak. Then wash like always with your favorite dΓ©tergent. I Also use a little vinager in thΓ© rinse cycle.

    • #450318

      I take and put about two tbsp,full of bleach,into my shampoo solution on my carpet shampoer.

    • #450324

      I have used lemon juice rubbed into the stain.

    • #450326

      It depends on what the stain is, and what it’s on. My favorite stain fighter though would have to be peroxide!

    • #450327

      Stain removing depends on the stain, of course…but, for blood stains (as a nurse have seen my fair share of these over the years) good old hydrogen peroxide is wonderful! For ink, cheap ( the cheaper the better) hair spray! These are just a couple of things that I use, have always had luck with them!!

    • #450331

      Hair spray for ink stains on clothing like my husband’s shirt pockets!

    • #450332

      How about a stain aka dark spot on a white cook top stove? I use baking soda and rub it on the surface. It cleans the residue off of the stove without harming the cooktop surface!

    • #450334

      I use Totally Awesome cleaner/degreaser found at dollar store.

    • #450335

      I like to make a paste of Borax & Dawn Orignal.

    • #450337

      My husband and I both drive trucks, dirt jumps at use from everywhere!! I use goop on work cloths or grease stains on any cloth. You have to let it sit a few days. Work wonders for me.

    • #450339

      peroxide and baking soda make a paste and rub it on the stain real good then wash as usual.

    • #450338

      Once I found this for my daughter’s clothes, I don’t use anything else!
      1 part Dawn
      1 part hydrogen peroxide
      Put in spray bottle and shake.
      Spray on stain and let sit for 15-30 minutes.
      Wash as normal.

    • #450320

      If I have some items that are really stained, I use home made products and toss in the washer. Even in my HE front loader, I can let it agitate for a few minutes and then I hit the pause button and let it soak for an hour up to all night. Then I just resume the cycle. Sometimes, all it takes is a bit of time to do the work for you.

    • #450175

      2HO + H2O in a spray bottle for heavy stains

    • #450176

      When I need to remove blood stains from clothes, Ammonia works like a charm. I just wash them normally when the stain disappears.

    • #450314

      Fresh lemon juice and water for heavy stains

    • #450340

      I use GOOP to get oil and grease stains out of clothes. This is the same stuff mechanics use to get the grease off of their hands after working on cars. Just rub this great citrus smelling goop on the grease spot and wash. Works like a charm! Made my first batch of laundry detergent today after seeing the post on FB. Can’t wait to try it!

    • #450341

      Dawn dishwashing liquid really “takes grease out of your way”, especially oily/greasy stains. I’ve used it to remove salad dressing spots from all my nice blouses, even ones I missed the first cycle through and they already went through the dryer. I just rubbed in some Dawn and let it sit overnight before running it through the wash again. Works every time.

    • #450342

      I have used white vinegar on dog urine stains soak it up as much as possibly, then put baking soda on it, then put a mixture of peroxide and dish soap on it, let dry then clean it up the stain will be gone. I learned this by reading it on facebook it really works!

    • #450343

      I scrub my tub with baking soda paste then rinse with vinegar for the cleanest tub ever without the toxic fumes.

    • #450345

      I use Spray n Wash for most of my stains. Other quick fixes include milk for blood and Dawn dishsoap for grease. Cant wait to see if I win and try out the super laundry sauce! I’d love to add to my list of tricks.. or maybe shorten it if it works ass good as I’ve heard!

    • #450346

      1/2 cup laundry sauce, 1/4 cup peroxide, squirt of original dawn soap (by squirt i mean ive never measured it out πŸ™‚
      mix it together slowly, dont want to create a bubbly mess, put on the stain or newly created spot care of a 4 year old, let sit for 10 minutes then toss in washer as normal. save leftover mix for later. works great on blood, jelly stains, sweat marks, and baby spit up.

    • #450348

      When my husband uses our towels for oil during car and bike repairs, i use baking soda and vinegar to get the oil and smell out.

    • #450349

      With one of my part time jobs, we wear white uniform shirts. To keep them clean as possible, I run a presoak cycle with 1 cup of Mr Clean in the machine. Then once that cycle is completed, I then run it again with a normal cycle using my regular detergent. It helps quite a bit!

    • #450350

      Instead of lots of different stain removers I like to just rub in some fels naptha soap. Works most of the time.

    • #450351

      When battleing automobile grease i take a little dab of Dawn dish soap and scrub directly on the the area of the grease. Then i wash them in Dawn as well. Works everytime.

    • #450353

      With oil stains from cooking oil use a little dab of Dawn dish soap as a spot remover to lift them out. Then launder as usual.

    • #450354

      When my kids were little and always getting unknown stains on clothes, I kept a bar of yellow Dial soap in the laundry room. I would wet the stain with cold water, rub the soap on the stain, give it a good hand rub and then wash in cold water.

    • #450355

      @ssjane 427726 wrote:

      How about a stain aka dark spot on a white cook top stove? I use baking soda and rub it on the surface. It cleans the residue off of the stove without harming the cooktop surface!So, also make a paste of baking soda and water for tough laundry stains!

    • #450356

      I use 1 part to 2 parts hydrogen peroxide to remove most stain on clothes.

    • #450357

      As an RN in the Emergency Room I may possibly have blood get on my unifom. Rinsing it asap with peroxide then cold water to rinse, and keep repeating until gone has ALWAYS worked to remove the stain!

      What is the Goodie Giveaway for this Challenge? A Super Laundry Sauce Kit

      Learn More about Budget101 Challenges Here!

      Good Luck!
    • #450359

      I am seriously amazed with the vinegar and baking soda laundry remedy, our towels get a horrible odor after use, after trying everything I could think of including the purchase of new towels almost weekly, I am overwhelmingly amazed at how well vinegar and baking soda cleans and freshens not only towels but I now use this remedy in just about every load! I wish I would came across this combo much sooner, you should try it in your next load!

    • #450360

      My niece had a white winter-like coat with motor oil spilt on it that she had tried to get out by washing and drying numerous times. I got it out with a powdered all-fabric chlorine bleach made into a paste, some baking soda and a little elbow grease with a scrub brush.

    • #450361

      I usually dampen the stain area. Then rub zote or fels-naptha onto the stain. Let it set about 10 minutes. Dampen again and lightly scrub the stain. Then wash as usual.

    • #450364

      dawn dish detergent…it gets out everything

    • #450365

      I use a little borax and dawn dish soap. Has worked really well!

    • #450366

      I personally use Dawn with a bristle brush (like the one used for dishes), rinse in cold water, repeat if necessary. If it is a blood stain, I rub peroxide in the fabric. The most important thing is to check the fabric before throwing it in the dryer because heat will make it set. If you just don’t have time to fool with it at the moment, you can also get a bucket, put the stained garment in, fill with cold water and then pour about 1/2 to 1 cup of white vinegar. This is a slower method where you allow it to sit a few days. It does not ruin fabric and the acid from the vinegar will slowly remove the stain. It also will brighten up the colors as an added benefit! Hope you have as much success as I do with this method. πŸ™‚

    • #450362

      My toughest stain that I ever had was removed with dawn dish soap. I rubbed it in with a toothbrush and let it sit. Washed it – and it was out! I don’t have any kids so I usually don’t get anything worse than a spilled coffee stain here and there.

    • #450369

      I usually saturate clothing with laundry detergent and put it in washer on pre wash. Newer h e machine, its done the job so far on kid stains. Lol

    • #450376

      Spray with hairspray an scrub with a toothbrush. It will take it right out

    • #450371

      little lemon juice in the rinse cycle to remove those terrible pit stains in the husbands T’s

    • #450372

      spray stain with hair spray and let dry then wash πŸ™‚

    • #450374

      Dawn is my choice, use it on everything and is safe on your materials.

    • #450380

      I like to keep oxyclean in the house for stains. I try to keep a squirt bottle with a mixture of oxyclean and water to quickly act on stains.

    • #450382

      I work in fast food and the grease is just aweful, so i wash my clothes with dawn dish soap, works like a charm!

    • #450383

      Hydrogen peroxide gets a lot of stains out, especially protein based ones like blood. I keep a bottle handy in my laundry room.

    • #450384

      Hairspray will remove ballpoint ink.

    • #450385

      grease stains: soak in hot water and use dawn dish soap, scrub with an old toothbrush and it comes out perfectly!

    • #450386

      Spray hairspray on ink stains then wash.

      Baby wipes remove lots of stains from clothing and also remove crayon marks plus the waxy residue on tables. (We have a lot on hand, since I work in a preschool.)

    • #450387

      I use dishwasher powder in the laundry for my sons white football pants and pads.

    • #450388

      Spray hairspray on ink stains then wash.

      Baby wipes remove lots of stains from clothing and also remove crayon marks plus the waxy residue on tables. (We have a lot on hand, since I work in a preschool.)

    • #450390

      Grass stain- cover stained area with paste of any automatic dishwasher solution and water. Then launder article as usual. Stain comes right out.

    • #450392

      when I spill something greasy on clothing I sprinkle powder on it to soak up the grease before washing.

    • #450389

      If you get ink on clothing, turn it inside out, put a folded paper towel on the ink stain and spray the backside generously (soak it) with hair spray. Repeat until the ink is gone, changing paper towels each time. If needed, spray from the front and press paper towels to soak up the hairspray and ink.
      I spilled ink from a stamp pad refill on a skirt, probably 1/2 the bottle.

      I used this method and saved my skirt.

    • #450394

      Use white chalk on grease on your clothes and launder as usual , the chalk absorbs the grease must be white chalk !

    • #450397

      Peroxide and baking soda take out old stains.

    • #450398

      Not only can you use peroxide on a blood stain, but meat tenderizer works also! Make a paste with just a little water (or wet item then sprinkle on the tenderizer) and then let it set. Stubborn stains I add a little more water to keep it moist. Throw it in the wash and stain is gone!

      Tried this when I was out of peroxide and it worked!

    • #450399

      Spraying white clothes with Fantastic not 409, can take even the most stubborn stains out!! Also soaking whites in Cascade powder will also brighten whites!!

    • #450400

      peroxide and dawn and ice cubes…works wonders

    • #450401

      I dont worry much about stains. But when I get one, I take the garment and scrub it by hand with whatever Detergent I have available. Then rinse it with water.

      Whatever doesn’t come out from that becomes part of the character of the item….and a good memory of something yummy hopefully.

    • #450403

      use baby wipes rub on stain until its gone !

    • #450405

      I had a white and black striped cotton shirt that had an ugly stain on the pocket (right on my breast of course) that had washed out through many tries to a faint, but still noticeable, yellow. Out of desperation, I decided I couldn’t hurt it, so I wet the cloth then used a Q-tip dipped in bleach to carefully and slowly wipe over the stain. It took some time, and I would rinse and start again to make sure the bleach didn’t bleed over into the black pin stripe.

      And much to my surprise it worked and I can wear it to work again without all those sly comments.

    • #450407

      My best tip is to pretreat, soak, and run. I use dawn on greasy type stains, ivory on blood, and oxyclean type for work and grubby clothes.

    • #450408

      I’m a big fan of soaking to get out stains.

    • #450411

      A Super Laundry Sauce Kit

    • #450413

      I use peroxide to lift stains.

    • #450419

      I keep a spray bottle with dawn dishwash liquid and water in my laundry room so I can spray stains as I come across them also old school holding hairspray works on ink stains!

    • #450424

      I use this amazing stuff my MIL found at a dollar store called Zout. My Mother bought a bed set for my son we through was new (from a garage sale still in packaging) but when I pulled it out it was stained yellow and looked to be 20 years old. I sprayed it down heavy with this stuff because I had nothing else, with a little extra peroxide, and when I pulled it out of the washer no lie it was perfect.

      it smelled good, looked good. it was great. for once an awesome dollar store find, and from my icky mil too.

    • #450425

      I use Dawn Overnight dishsoap on my stains!! It can be used on any color of clothing and it works fabulously!! i just use an old toothbrush to rub it into the stain, let it sit for about 10 minutes (depending on what the stain is and how bad it is!) and then wash as normal!!

      The stains DISAPPEAR!!!

    • #450426

      growing up with a printer for a father, he always had this citrus soft scrub soap….smelled just like oranges and was GREAT for getting out any type of ink or grease stains!

    • #450432

      check thoroughly before washing and use cold water whenever possible

    • #450414

      I use hydrogen peroxide or WD 40 for stain removals

    • #450415

      I use baking soda and water to treat the stain,run it through washing machine like normal,then I hang outside in the sun(while wet) and spray with lemon water.It’s like magic you can watch the stain start to disappear.

    • #450409

      When I have stains on whites, i soak them in vinegar over night. Then they usually come clean after a wash.

      The Challenge Question is : Share your Best Stain Removing/Stain Fighting Tip, trick or Recipe

      Wondering How to Play? Hit the reply button and answer the challenge question! (Seriously, that’s it)

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      good luck!
    • #450434

      I would use Hair Spray

    • #450435

      For sweaty/stained underarms on shirts, I pour a little white vinegar on before washing, smells fresh and no stains x

    • #450436

      My best stain was when I spilled a package of cherry koolaid on my white scrub top, after the top had gotten wet. I immediately washed it in super laundry sauce, where it came right out. I figure if the laundry sauce can get red dye from koolaid out, it must be some excellent stuff!

      I’ll never use anything else!

    • #450438

      I have found hairspray and dish soap the best way to remove ink from my white uniforms; for grass stains on white canvas tennis shoes I use Lestoil.


    • #450439

      I love my Sprout spray and wash stain remover! I sprey let sit for an hour than scrub if the stain is that bad and wash!

    • #450441

      Salt, lemon juice, and sunshine will bleach out many stains including ink! Dawn is great on grease. I soak my cleaning rags in 1 cup Dawn in the washer before washing them and they come out smelling nice and free of grease!

    • #450442

      I make my own pre- treater:1/2 C. Dawn, 1/2 c. white vinegar, 1/2 c.

      ammonia, 1/2 c. water

    • #450444

      Sadly enough I use shout. I made a homemade version, but it did not clean as well.

    • #450447

      I use Lemon Juice you squeeze some on your Stains and lay clothes out in the sun for about a hour then wash your clothes with your detergent..Stains come right out

    • #450450

      My favorite trick is a can of coke. My husband gets grease and moter oil on his clothes quite frequently and so I learned that if you add a full 12 oz can of coke in with the laundry soap and just regular warm water it will get out the stains and filth with very little pre soaking (I do soak the really dirty stuff for about 1/2 an hour then finish the load

    • #450452

      I just started using the Super Laundry Sauce a few weeks ago. It has been by far the best laundry detergent I have ever used. However I need to do a little scrubbing on a stain before I throw it in the laundry I sugget a dab of dawn dishwashing liquid and scrub with a toothbrush.

    • #450453

      I use a product called Grandma’s Secret Stain Remover. Works great on set-in grease stains.

    • #450455

      Currently I use Resolve on all laundry stains. I just found this website and hoping to find a new stain removing favorite that I can make myself. πŸ™‚

    • #450460

      I sprinkle baking soda on the stain, spray with white vinegar, use an old toothbrush to rub into the stain. Wash as usual.

    • #450462

      hair spray-takes out ink

    • #450463

      I used Dawn liquid dishsoap to wash away stains made from fruits such as pears and persimmons(which are hard to clean). I dabed the stains with it and let them stay llike so overnight. The stains were gone once I rinsed them.

    • #450466

      If you have a car that has leaked oil onto your garage floor, you can pour Dawn dishwashing liquid on the spot. Let area sit a couple hours. Scrub with soapy water and oil spots will disappear.

    • #450467

      stain remover tip!
      if you’ve been painting with oil paint and get it on yourself or your clothes, try hair conditioner. I found this out when I was married to a painter and he got home one day covered in paint and had to go to a business meeting. I had to think quick and give it a try..it worked great!

      It also works fairly well for felt markers when the kids get into them πŸ˜‰

    • #450378

      The best way to get grease out of fabric – use HOT SPOT – spray on and use a white cotton cloth to gently rub out stain.

    • #450473

      Remove blood stains using peroxide. I pour it on and rinse it off with cold water.

    • #450474

      My best stain Removing tip is to make a paste of equal parts baking soda and hydrogen peroxide and rub on stain and let sit for 10 minutes, then poor small amount of vinegar on the stain and throw in washer

    • #450468

      I use Tide Stick on stains. I have used hair spray for ink stains.

    • #450469

      Forgeting to remove your pen from your lab coat pocket. Using fels naptha and letting sat after rubbing it into the ink stain and presto its gone!!!!!!

    • #450476

      Well people have already used my trick lol. I use peroxide on blood stains.

    • #450477

      I presoak greasy stains with a little Dawn scrubbed in – not too hard.

    • #450482

      Peroxide on blood stains.

    • #450483

      I buy a new shirt !!!!!

    • #450488

      @Budget101 426613 wrote:

      You’re not going to believe this! I’ve kept one piece of clothing from my big girl days (previously 502 lbs ) in 2001. A light blue sweater.

      I just use it as a quick cover up. Stains and all. My mother-in-law just taught me that stains from 2001.

      With a little fels naptha and non-bleach powder comet removed them right out. Now it’s a big girl sweater that’s big but pretty. Currently 138lbs.


    • #450491

      Apply a small amount of liquid laundry detergent and rub it into the spot.

    • #450492

      rubbing alcohol remove ink stains

    • #450494

      Use Lava soap to get makeup stains out of towels / wash clothes / etc.

    • #450495

      Having a toddler everything gets stained, On the nights when we have spaghetti, we try our best to detour the mess by simply putting a plastic mat that can be rinsed down under his chair, He refuses to wear a bib so for his clothes we adapted a shirt to be wipe away

    • #450489

      now that sounds like a winner I am going to have to try that one!

    • #450501

      Hair spray is great for taking out ink, just spray , let set for a few minutes, and wash, if it’s a really hard ink stain, you might scrub with a toothbrush a little bit after you spray, also for taking out mustard , which is so hard to get out if it’s already dried on, I apply a little more mustard to get it wet again, then I run cold water on it, try adding a little dish soap too, sometimes that helps,

    • #450502

      To remove blood from fabrics, use hydrogen peroxide. Pour the peroxide on the blood stain, allow the stain to bubble. When the bubbling subsides, pat the bubbles off.

      Repeat until the stain is gone.

    • #450499

      On white or very light colors I use a paste of peroxide and baking soda. Dab it on rub a few times then wash as normal. On colored cloths I use Shout Advanced Gel (still looking for a good “green” alternative for that).

    • #450506

      For some light stains I use baking soda and lay it on the stain & pour a little water on. Ill do this a few times.
      For a little tougher stain ill do the same with baking soda but cut a lemon in half & rub it on the stain every few minutes

    • #450507

      Baking soda and white vinegar for almost everything. Removes rust stains, soap scum, keeps drains clean and is safe for you and environment. Also cheap!

    • #450508

      If u have a carpet stain, old or new, usually windex (plain blue kind)will get it out. Spray good, rub a little and gone! Even worked for fireworks powder! (Not so great on chocolate. Works, just nit totally)

    • #450509

      I am a nurse also. The best stain remover for an inkstain, is spray with hairspray, then wash as usual.

      @jacssoap 426615 wrote:

      As a nurse when you leave pens in pockets and not finding them until you take your clothes out of the dryer and you see ink spot on your white clothes

    • #450504

      Shout set in stain removing gel works every time, up use rubbing alcohol for ink stains

    • #450505

      The greatest stain remover ever…cheap and so easy…Dawn. if u want to remive anything from spaghetti sauce to make-up to heavy engine grease…dawn can handle the job. For small stains..dab on a bit all over stain and let it set for 30 minutes and then wash as usual. For bigger , dirtier, hard to remove stains like oil or engine grease , cover stain in dawn , leave set over nite and wash as usual the next day. The stains just disappear…and youll notice that it has also cleaned all the laundry in that washload real well also because the dawn mixes with the usual laundry soap and improves the clean and the brightness of the entire load of laundry. And the great benefit…a $ 1.25 bottle of dawn goes a very long way to clean stain after stain…big or small. So dont spend $5.00 a bottle on that spray on laundry soap anymore !!!

    • #450514

      Cheap hairspray is the best thing ever to take ink out of clothing!

    • #450515

      Fels Naptha soap for stains is the best

    • #450517

      As a nurse, I’ve aquired a few stain removal tips. First is ink. I you find ink stains on your white labcoat, spray it with aerosol hairspray before laundering, the launder as usual. Hydrogen peroxide is good for removing blood from a lot of things! Being an OR nurse for 21 years I cannot count the times I’ve scrubbed blood from my shoes or bra! Oxyclean works well for soaking whites. When I was a nursing student many years ago, we wore starch white uniforms! I was raising a family and although we had a water softener, it didn’t always work properly. I remember many nights studying until 12 or 1 am, only to remember that my uniform was in the washer. I’d head down to the dingy basement only to find a yellow uniform in the wash. I would then need to soak it in rust raze, then wash it again adding rust raze to the wash cycle and then again to the rinse cycle. I still use rust raze at times!

    • #450520

      baking soda and dawn dishwashing liquid made into a paste

    • #450521

      I guess I need to tell you what helped get the stain out Pine Sol. I pour a small amt. of the ink stain and then rub the stained and let it set for 30 min and rewashed and was pleased with results.

    • #450523

      Stain remover recipe: 1/2 ivory liquid and 1/2 clorox2 mix together and pour a small amount on the stain. Wash according to fabric directions.

    • #450525

      I worked at a Catfish restaurant so I always had greasy spots on my t-shirts. I took Dawn which works good by itself and made past with baking soda. I rubbed the paste in and folded the shirt and put in laundry pile to wash time. This usually worked on old and new spots.

    • #450527

      Dawn dish detergent mixed with sugar makes a great scrub for just about anything!!!

    • #450528

      with three boys in the house we have lots of laundry challenges! Gold dial soap for grass stains works awesome! Hair spray for ink stains. oxyclean for grease. soaking in dawn dishsoap for oily stains that went thru the dryer then wash with oxyclean added with detergent.

    • #450531

      I use Spot Shot, works great!

    • #450532

      sorry, wrong type of stain removal. I use Shout and let it soak.

    • #450533

      I’ve found that hair spray works awesome on pen and marker stains. just spray hair spray on the stain let sit for a while then wash.

    • #450534

      To remove hard water ring from inside toilet use a fine grit sand paper/and of course thick rubber gloves.

    • #450535

      I hve gret success using toothpaste for set in stains. scrub it a bit with an old toothbrush to work it into the stain. let is soak in, then add a bit of water and scrub again before washing.

    • #450539

      Scrubbing with fels naptha and I’ve made a vinegar and washing soda paste that works well on kids clothesand their random stains

    • #450540

      Vodka is a great pre-treater for sweat stains. Cheap stuff is fine just keep in a spray bottle in laundry area.

    • #450541

      i’ve tried letting heavy stains in clothes sit a dry clothes detergent-peroxide mix for 5-10 minutes. gets the bulk of the stain out. may have to do a couple times.

    • #450542

      Dawn dishwashing liquid!

    • #450546

      I have used regular hand sanitizer to remove ink stains from clothes and it works really well, also white vinegar works great πŸ™‚

    • #450548

      Boil water in a tea kettle, turn garment inside out over the sink and pour the boiling water over the stained area – it works! No chemicals involved.

    • #450551

      when a messy meal spaghetti) is being served to kids, prepare a bucket with borateam and warm water. Dress kidlets in old tshirts and use to wipe faces, fingers, etc when done. Put tshirts in bucket and soak overnight. Dump bucket and water in washer and wash as usual–warm water. Stains disappear!

    • #450552

      You can use just regular liquid dish soap as a pre-treater for stains and heavy soiled areas on dirty clothes. It doesn’t even need to be name brand! Just apply as you would a store bought pre-treater. Easy peasy!

    • #450553

      I use perioxide,baking soda and automatic dishwasher powder make a paste, rub it in…gone, “easy peasy sweet an easy”

    • #450555

      For a while our Grandson had to wear uniforms to school which were White shirt and tan pants. Being a BOY, every day the white shirt told the story of what was for lunch and his pants were covered in dirt and grass stains.
      For the white shirt I mixed a little liquid dishwasher soap and a little laundry detergent with a sprinkle of salt, used an old toothbrush to rub it in gently and washed immediately. Worked every time on all stains. Had to wash immediately because dishwasher soap is strong and can eat at the fabric if left on too long. As for the dirt and grass stains on the pants, I sprayed them with 409 and wash

    • #450556

      When I was a nurse aid, one of the ladies who had worked there for 20+ years (starting in housekeeping, working up to the head of the housekeeping department and then moving to the nursing department) told me to dissolve denture tablets, or alka-seltzers on stains on my scrubs, then throw several into the bathtub and soak overnight to get rid of any lingering “smells,” she explained this way I wouldn’t have to live with the smell until I could get to the laundromat. I later used this tip when I had a new baby and still didn’t have a washing machine in the house yet. It worked pretty well back then πŸ™‚ Haven’t tried it in a while, but it saved me lots of time and money back in the day.

    • #450560

      1 part dawn dishwashing liquid & 2 parts peroxide. soak for 1 hour, then rinse in cold water. then wash in cold water. if a small amt. of stain remains you can redo & add baking soda. then repeat.

    • #450561

      To remove Crayon…..Using a dull knife, scrape off as much of the crayon as you can. Place the item stain side down on clean white paper towels, then spray with WD-40. Let the garment sit for five minutes, then turn it over and spray it again. Rinse well, then rub liquid dish soap into the stained area and rinse a second time. Spray stain remover on any remaining discoloration and machine-wash as usual.

    • #450562

      Use hair spray on ink marks on clothes.

    • #450563

      I like using peroxide, white vinegar mixed with baking soda to get out tough stains. I used this to take out dog pee smells out of my area rug. Its been a couple years now, and still no smell

    • #450566

      My stain remover tip is using “Awesome” on my stains prior to washing. I buy this at Walmart.

    • #450567

      ! can of Coke Cola in the wash will remove the oil from the oilfields.

    • #450568

      I have quite a few……peroxide for blood. Seltzer Water for Emergency Stains……..especially Wine!

    • #450570

      I soak things overnight after rubbing Dawn dish detergent on them.

    • #450571

      soak clothes in lestoil

    • #450575

      I keep a spray bottle of Grease Lightening by my washer. I spray it on a stain and rub it in thoroughly before throwing it in the wash. It works! I buy the refill gallon since it’s cheaper to buy that way.

    • #450581

      How to get ink marks out of clothing just spray a little hair spray on the stain and wash. It comes right out.

    • #450582

      Spray with hairspray before laundering.

    • #450590

      Try hairspray. It removes ink pretty well.

    • #450593

      A cap full of bleach added to the shampoo and water in a carpet cleaner will help with tough stains as well as brighten and freshen the carpet .

    • #450594

      thank you this will be most helpful

    • #450595

      I wear a lot of white because I’m a dirty girl and so 10% bleach to water seems to get “almost” everything out! YAY

    • #450596

      Greasy stains baby powder sprinkled on the stain, leave sit overnight, shake off and launder. If stain still visible before washing use Dawn dish soap on the spot.

    • #450597

      Sweat happens, especially down here in the deep south, and when it dries it is difficult to remove the stains from clothing. My fabric sun visors soak up a lot of it when I do yard work, and it can stain them terribly, but I rinse them well, then use plain baking soda and scrub them thoroughly, then let them soak in it for a bit. When I rinse, there are no stains left. Even my pretty white one with the bow in the back comes out beautifully.

    • #450588

      I use peroxide for a lot of stains!

    • #450565

      peroxide sprayed on most stains if that doesn’t work mix peroxide with baking soda

    • #450587

      Lava bar scrubbed in limestone ground into baseball pants!

    • #450557

      I pour a 2 liter bottle of cola in my laundry to get rid of diesel stains & diesel stink πŸ™‚

      Good Luck!
    • #450545

      I make a paste from corn starch and water to remove red stains from carpet

    • #450543

      backing soda and peroxide

    • #450558

      I always save those little bars of soap from hotels. They are great for hand scrubbing stained garments. They seem to be good for removing most stuff if its caught soon enough.

    • #450559

      My best stain fighting is borax and baking soda and lemon juice make it into a paste and let sit overnight and wash as usual.

    • #450601

      I have allways used peroxide to get blood stains out of wash cloths ,sheet , clothes etc. And alcohol for ink stains.

    • #450603

      My husband has a really oily scalp, therefore his pillowcases always look greasy after a few nights sleep. I tried everything, Fels naptha applied directly on damp pillow case, a dishwasher soap paste, hydrogine perioxide, liquid bluing, bleach, pre-soak. Finally, my daughter gave me a bottle of Dawn 3X concentration dish soap. I knew dawn removed grease, but the regular strength did not work. So I spread out the pillow case spread the Dawn 3X on the spot fold the pillow case in half and rub to spread over the entire surface, then repeat on the other side. Soak for 10-15 minutes in warm water then wash with the rest of the sheet set. I don’t rinse out the Dawn 3X, just squeeze out most of the water. Add regular amount of detergent to washer and wash. No stains any more! I’ve been working on this for over 13 years and finally have a great solution.

    • #450605

      For whites only! Mix powder dish detergent w/ enough water to make a paste. Spread over armpit stains or other “impossible” stains, let dry, then wash in washer like normal. Don’t use on colors as it will remove color!

    • #450614

      day i answered the wrong question fool….lol for clothes it has been oxi stain fighter for the kitchen sink it has been ajax its just harsh enough for the stains but not to harsh to leave scratch

    • #450615

      The best way to remove grease, especially motor engine grease is a can of cola. Works every time.

    • #450617

      The Challenge Question is : Share your Best Stain Removing/Stain Fighting Tip, trick or Recipe

      A friend’s child decorated my sofa with permanent black felt marker. It came out with toothpaste. I used an old wet toothbrush, brushed on the toothpaste, and dabbed the marker off with a wet cloth.

      Wondering How to Play? Hit the reply button and answer the challenge question!

      (Seriously, that’s it)

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      good luck!
    • #450618

      For those yellow underarm stains from deodorant, or for your whites that are yellowing in general:
      -Make a paste, mixing clean water with a few spoonfuls of fresh baking soda. You want to create a consistency that is thick enough to stay where you place it, yet runny enough to be spread around and absorbed somewhat into the fabric you are treating.
      If you are treating spots, such as the underarms of a shirt, then simply spread the mixture liberally directly on top of the stain. Rub it in and let it sit for at least 24 hours.

      Then wash as usual.
      If you are treating an entire item of clothing, such as a whole shirt (or several white items), make a larger amount of the paste and make it more runny, in a large bowl. Add the clothing to the bowl and swish it around until the clothing is soaked and covered by the runny mixture. Let sit for 24 hours, then wash as usual.

    • #450621

      Mix dawn dish soap and hydrogen peroxide together in a dark spray bottle or an old hydrogen peroxide bottle. Mix one to one. One cup of dawn to one cup peroxide.

      This has taken every stain out. My husband washed a gel ink pen with my towels and this took the stain out completely. I used an old tooth brush scrubbed a little threw it in the washer and it came out clean.

    • #450626

      Baking soda, peroxide, and a drop of dishwashing detergent. Using fingernails, gently rub stain on both sides of fabric.

    • #450631

      Small grease stains are sometimes unnoticed, I use the small bottles of carbona stain remover, it works and lasts a long time,

    • #450635

      To zap stains and remove rust and mineral discolorations from cotton clothes, pour 1 cup of lemon juice into the washer during the wash cycle. That natural bleaching action will brighten your whites and also leave your clothes smelling lemon fresh.

    • #450639

      I have a teen boy who plays sports as well as serves as a volunteer firefighter. One of the biggest laundry problem is odor and mildew stains left in his work out clothes in his duffle bag. I have found that if I fill the washing machine with warm water, add our liquid laundry soap (any will work) then use about 3-4 cups of sudsy ammonia, then add the vial towels and clothing.

      Let the agitator go for a few minutes to get everything stirred together, now turn off and allow to sit for 20-30 minutes, after this time turn your washer to run the full cycle. At the end of your rinse cycle your odor and mildew stains should be gone. I cannot tell you how many sour loads of laundry this trick has saved.

    • #450643

      I keep a spray bottle filled with club soda next to our washer. It works on most stains.

    • #450645

      I have found that some stains (mostly pet) may look like they are gone but leave a smell behind. For those I put the items in the washing machine with a tablespoon of Odorban and set for a pre-wash. at the end of the pre-wash I add my soap and wash as usual.

      works on perspiration odor as well.

    • #450648

      Remove ink stains by applying vinegar to the stain, then rubbing the stain with a paste of vinegar and baking soda. Let it dry, and then wash normally

    • #450649

      1 part blue Dawn dish soap and 2 parts Hydrogen Peroxide. Its that simple!@Budget101 426613 wrote:

      b101-challenge-giveaways Welcome to our Budget101 Challenge Question!

      The Challenge Question is : Share your Best Stain Removing/Stain Fighting Tip, trick or Recipe

      Wondering How to Play? Hit the reply button and answer the challenge question! (Seriously, that’s it)

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      good luck!
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    • #450652

      When my son was in Baseball, his uniform was white pants and we lived in Texas. Yep red ground in dirt!! his team rules required clean, no stains or rips on pants.

      to get out the ground in red dirt, i used carpet cleaner!! sprayed and scrubbed each stain and his pants came out amazingly white! it is harsh on the fabric though so i do not recomend it for anything delicate.

      but using on football or baseball uniforms which haveto be replaced often due to wear and tear anyway, its great

    • #450657

      During a rough time there had been a large amount of blood stains in the laundry. They best way I battles this was to soak the laundry in a bucket of baking soda along with peroxide, before the stain became to bad. Afterward during the first was cycle add a small amount of ammonia to the load.

    • #450658

      I spray the stain with hairspray and then rub it with a little liquid laundry soap. It removes anything my son or husband gets into.

    • #450659

      I have used baking soda to remove stains in carpet and make a paste with water on some stains on clothes

    • #450662

      To remove ink pen from your clothes spray it with hairspray before you wash it.

    • #450666

      We always mix two parts hydrogen peroxide, one part dawn, and one part baking soda, scrub it then let it sit for an hour, then wash the clothes like normal… It works great! We’ve really tested it out with 4 kids

    • #450630

      I use cloth diapers for my dog when she is in heat, I use peroxide on them and they are as white as snow

    • #450664

      Growing up we would always get grass stains or blood on our clothes and we used dawn dish soap to get it out! Worked for us everytime!

    • #450665

      I have found that the powder in a can called Bar Keepers Friend is great for removing rust from clothes!!

    • #450670

      My husband is a large equipment mechanic and comes home covered in grease, oil, antifreeze and who knows what else.

      I wash his work clothes in our regular liquid detergent ERA, liquid dawn dish soap, borax and oxi clean. Works great on his clothes. This is the only combo that takes the smell out and fights the stains

    • #450671

      White vinegar & a lil DawnLiquidDishSoap…it ALWAYS WORKS & has been all i use on anything for years now!

    • #450672

      So far the sauce has proved to be a good detergent for my clothes. The best is the price πŸ™‚

    • #450674

      Stains in carpets, I have found if you mix 1/2 cup of Mule Team Borax Laundry Detergent with 1/2 cup of Mr. Clean all purpose cleaner in a 5gallon bucket half full of hot water and using that for my solution in my shampooer cleans my carpets better than any carpet cleaner. Especially if you pour some in a spray bottle and pretreat spots for 10-15 min before shampooing.

    • #450676

      If you get ball point pen stains on your clothes you can spray it with hairspray and put immediately in the wash. It should be gone when done. Also Club soda works well on some stains.

    • #450681

      Hair spray will remove most ink stains.

    • #450683

      I give the tough stains to my Mom. She always gets the stain out!

    • #450684

      Baby wipes – even generic brands – will get just about everything out of just about anything!

    • #450680

      I use a plain bar of soap. Rub the grease or other food stain with a wet bar of soap, rub the soap into the stain to lather up and finish by rubbing the material together at the stain site or using a small brush or toothbrush. Throw into the laundry and wash with regular clothing.

    • #450686

      I often use pinesol directly. It has worked for lipsick and food stains

    • #450688

      [ Welcome to our Budget 101 Challenge Question!

      The Challenge Question is : Share your Best Stain Removing/Stain Fighting Tip, trick or Recipe
      I use-Two parts- Hydrogen peroxide – One part Dawn dish washing liquid,” I use the original blue color Dawn” – place in a spray bottle,spray stain until wet , place in the sun for best removal of most stains , If no sun let it soak well, then wash .
      I have had great luck removing stains from vintage linens -even the old rust like stains. Works well on carpet stains too ! Just spray and let soak , scrub with med to soft bristle brush.Let dry and be wowed ! worthy  smilie Sorry .this thread/ post may be to short this tip has worked well for me ! 2lbkos0 smilie2lbkos0 smilie2lbkos0 smilie2lbkos0 smiliebusy beebusy bee

      Wondering How to Play? Hit the reply button and answer the challenge question! (Seriously, that’s it)

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      Good Luck!
    • #450689

      Dawn dish soap and peroxide in a spray bottle…shake well and spot treat a stain

    • #450690

      A great armpit stain remover that completely removes those yellow stains:
      1tsp of dawn dish washing liquid
      2-3 tsp hydrogen peroxide
      1-2 tsp baking soda
      Mix ingredients together, using an old toothbrush rub into stain. Let sit at least 1 hr, longer for really set in stains.

    • #450692

      i carry a pocket size hand sanitizer bottles filled with dish soap it removes most all stains even greasy ones.

    • #450694

      Being a hairdresser for a number of years my go to ink, hair dye, marker or anything like is always aerosol hair spray. Has to be aerosol and the cheaper the better, I always keep a can of Aqua Net in the laundry room just for that. (Please don’t use that on your hair. :))

    • #450695

      Just spray hair spray on the ink area, then scrub and wash. You can actually see the stain disappear!

    • #450698

      It sounds crazy, but use some hairspray on ballpoint pen ink just before you toss it into the laundry!

    • #450700

      Use an old iron and old cotton cloths to remove oil based stains on cloths. Put stained item between the cloths and quickly iron, the cloths will pick up the oil. Careful what kind of oil based stain as if it has color, the color could become permanent.

    • #450702

      I use salt on fresh stains like Kool-Aid, grape juice and red wine. Just empty enough onto the spill to soak it up. Allow the salt to dry and then vacuum the stain away. Works wonders. πŸ™‚

    • #450710

      @Budget101 426613 wrote:

      Welcome to our Budget101 Challenge Question!
      I have just learned of this laundry sauce and am thrilled to try, being single in Germany (USA CIV working on Mil. base) this has been some tough years for me. This would help LOADS! lol

      The Challenge Question is : Share your Best Stain Removing/Stain Fighting Tip, trick or Recipe
      I have just learned of this laundry sauce and am thrilled to try, being single in Germany (USA CIV working on Mil. base) this has been some tough years for me. This would help LOADS! lol
      I have tried to fight stains with dish soapsliquid and powder, old toothbrush and hair spray, hand scrub them and has worked on most, but I heard from a friend about this site found this callenge and….. Hope to win, stores here don’t sell the Fels Naptha.

      Wondering How to Play? Hit the reply button and answer the challenge question! (Seriously, that’s it)
      I have just learned of this laundry sauce and am thrilled to try, being single in Germany (USA CIV working on Mil. base) this has been some tough years for me. This would help LOADS! lol
      I have tried to fight stains with dish soapsliquid and powder, old toothbrush and hair spray, hand scrub them and has worked on most, but I heard from a friend about this site found this callenge and….. Hope to win, stores here don’t sell the Fels Naptha.

      What is the Goodie Giveaway for this Challenge? A Super Laundry Sauce Kit

      I have just learned of this laundry sauce and am thrilled to try, being single in Germany (USA CIV working on Mil. base) this has been some tough years for me. This would help LOADS! lol
      I have tried to fight stains with dish soapsliquid and powder, old toothbrush and hair spray, hand scrub them and has worked on most, but I heard from a friend about this site found this callenge and….. Hope to win, stores here don’t sell the Fels Naptha.

      Learn More about Budget101 Challenges Here!

      Good Luck!

      I have just learned of this laundry sauce and am thrilled to try, being single in Germany (USA CIV working on Mil. base) this has been some tough years for me. This would help LOADS! lol
      I have tried to fight stains with dish soapsliquid and powder, old toothbrush and hair spray, hand scrub them and has worked on most, but I heard from a friend about this site found this callenge and….. Hope to win, stores here don’t sell the Fels Naptha.

    • #450713

      I use “Shout”–but you have to spray and then rub the stain. And be patient; you may have to do this several times, but you can get stains out without damaging the fabric.

    • #450716

      presoaking with oxyiclean has done wonders with a active 3yr old boy’s clothes. Also to get blood stains out that I have found is using the saliva from the person whose blood has stained the clothes (soon after it happens) . The proteins in the saliva start breaking down the

    • #450717

      mean green from dollar store takes out most stains

    • #450720

      for wood furniture , white water stains are easily removed with vinegar and baking soda

    • #450721

      The only good laundry tip is hair spray removes ink

    • #450729

      WD 40 will get out most stains.

    • #450731

      I use Dawn dish soap to take a variety of stains out but it works great on grease spots!

    • #450732

      I use arosol (sorry, bad speller) hair spray to take out ink stains on everything and babywipes will help to remove stains too.

    • #450740

      baking soda and dawn are my favorites for just about any stain

    • #450741

      To get the “stink” that towels and washcloths can get, I wash them twice. I use 1 cup of vinegar (nothing just vinegar) in the first load. I then use 1/2 baking soda in the second load (again nothing but the baking soda). Then I put them in the dryer with whatever fabric softener you use. It does use more water but the towels and cloths stay “stink” free for quite a bit longer than just using detergent. The recipe isn’t mine, I just had to share this because this is the best thing I have used for stink or stain removal.

    • #450744

      I use Dawn (original) dish washing soap on all my stains. If that does not work I add a little bit of peroxide directly on the stain and work it in with the Dawn, then I just launder as usual.

    • #450745

      I use a little Dawn dish detergent and work in well.

    • #450746

      Oxyclean and a long soak in hot, hot, hot water.

    • #450750

      Using hydrogen peroxide for protein based stains. That’s about it.

    • #450751

      I use equal parts of dishwasher detergent & all purpose/color safe bleach in hot water (the hottest the fabric can stand) to get out the toughest stains.

    • #450752

      I use Dawn dish soap on my husbands work clothes as a stain pre-treatment. His clothes from work are heavily soiled as he works in dirt, mud ,concrete etc. I squeeze a little on the stain and rub it together, I leave on about 10 mins and then I wash and the stains come out.

    • #450754

      Rubbing alcohol or hairspray for ink removal, Dawn dish soap on spilled grease (especially on cotton) are my two biggest tricks to getting stains out.

    • #450755

      Since I have little kids 6 19 months and 4 months there are enough stains to around. If it’s not white and I cannot bleach it then I use a bleach pen if it’s small enough. If not then I use peroxide, or dawn dish soap depending on the stain.

    • #450757

      For oil and grease stains, dawn dishwashing liquid works great. Add peroxide and use in spray bottle, this is better than oxy-clean. For ink stains, hairspray works!

    • #450758

      Pre-treat with detergent

    • #450760

      I just pretreatment with mild detergent and baking soda. Washing soda would probably be better

    • #450761

      citrus orange hand cleaner takes diesel grease out of insulated bibs very well

    • #450771

      To remove ink stains I use rubbing alcohol.Just blot the stain. I also use it if there is permanent marker on my counter for some odd reason πŸ™‚

    • #450737

      for stains I just put 1/2 to 1 cup of peroxide in each load. I have 2 teenager boys and not a lot of time to go through all the clothes to find the stains so every lode gets it as well as vinegar for the smells..

    • #450738

      It depends on the stain…Use different things on different stains

    • #450765

      I find that the original Dawn dish washing liquid is the best stain remover. It gets oil stains out of my husbands work clothes and ring around the collar. I use a old toothbrush to scrub the spot and let it soak a while.It usually removes the stains the first time but occasionally I have to reapply a second time.

    • #450766

      On some stains such as tomato sauce. After regular washing, hang outside so that the remaining stain faces direct sunshine. It is amazing how a little free sunlight can help.

    • #450736

      Equal parts ammonia, biz, vinegar and water. Works like a charm!

    • #450774

      Baking soda and vinegar takes pet smelling and stains out of carpet!

    • #450778

      Chalk and lemon juice n liquid detergent , make a paste allow to dry in sun removes mold n black spots

    • #450779

      Use cheap aerosol hairspray to get out ink. Works on clothes and the dryer drum.

    • #450780

      Good Morning, All! This is a wonderful website. My favorite go to for busted pens on fabric (i.e., blouses, shirts, skirts, etc.) is the use of hairspray. If there are remnants in place after washing, I retreat it again and launder. This has always worked for me and I hope you find it helpful as well.

    • #450781

      Beige safeguard soap! Found out accidentally removes mascara, makeup stains, grass and may other stains. I keep a bar at the washing machine!

    • #450782

      I put lemon juice on whites that are stained and let it set. When washing white clothes I just add about 1/4 cup to my laundry to whiten all of my whites

    • #450783

      If you spill something on your own shirt then saliva has many enzymes that break down stains. Try dabbing on dish soap for greasy or oily stains.

    • #450784

      I use peroxide on anything with blood involved.

    • #450669

      I use WD40 to get a lot of stains out! One year I sat in silver trailer roof paint in a brand new bathing suit. When I got home it was dried on me and my suit.

      I used WD40 on both my suit and myself and it removed every bit of it!! My bathing suit looked brand new again!!

    • #450787

      I have always found that soaking some stains overnight really helps to get rid of them.

    • #450788

      I use cold water and salt on blood stains.

    • #450790

      Hydrogen peroxide and dawn for grease stains

    • #450792

      Hair spray on ball point pen marks on fabric before you wash πŸ™‚

    • #450794

      Remove fat splatters from clothing by dripping dish washing liquid onto the spots. Massage into fabric and leave for about 1 hour before washing.

    • #450795
      Melissa Burnell
    • #455818

      @jacssoap 426615 wrote:

      As a nurse when you leave pens in pockets and not finding them until you take your clothes out of the dryer and you see ink spot on your white clothes

      Don’t do anything to it until you can spray it with hairspray. Soak it well, then scrub it between your hands. Soak with hairspray and rub repeatedly.

      Be sure to soak the back, the front, and also the inside of the pocket, paying attention to the seams. Keep the fabric wet with hair spray. There should be no trace of “heavy” ink, just diluted ink. The diluted ink will probably be spread over a wide area.

      Soak it again with hairspray and roll it into a ball to keep it wet, then put it in the washer last. I used to work at a dry cleaners in Redding, California doing shirts and got a lot of ink (and other) stains. One day, Lee Greenwood’s rep came in and he had ink on a white shirt and jeans. Lee was playing a concert that night and he was able to wear the white clothes.

      This was back when “Proud To Be An American” just came out.

    • #456049

      As a student nurse, I learned that a person’s saliva will remove their own blood stain. The injured person has to spit on their own blood; no one else’s saliva will work. My husband has cut himself while shaving many times, and this always works for him.

      I get cuts in the kitchen; it works for me, too. Dilute your own blood with your own saliva until it is very wet, and let it soak for a few moments. Never let it dry.

      Then wash in cool or slightly warm water and a good stain-fighting detergent, and pour some on the stain. I use and love my homemade laundry soaps, but there are times when the good detergents like Tide or Cheer are needed for their extra cleaning power.

      Solvents and solvent-containing products like hair spray, when used in large amounts, can be extremely dangerous when inhaled. Anything solvent based MUST be used outdoors, and use as little of it as possible!

      I hold my breath when I use hair spray, then immediately leave the room for a few minutes, and I always have the ventilation fan on.

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