B101 Challenge: Share your Best (DIY) Graduation Gift Idea (Must be under $12!)

Holidays & Special Occasions Graduation B101 Challenge: Share your Best (DIY) Graduation Gift Idea (Must be under $12!)

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      b101-challenge-giveaways Welcome to our Budget101 Challenge Question!

      The Challenge Question is : Share your Best (diy) inexpensive graduation gift idea!

      wondering how to play? hit the reply button and answer the challenge question! (seriously, that’s it)

      what is the goodie giveaway for this challenge?

      One Lucky Random Winner will receive a $50 Amazon Gift Card to buy whatever they’d like!

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      good luck!


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      I have one that is relatively odd! My most memorable gift that turned out to be a huge help was bed raisers. amazon product image

      bed raisers are like jacks for your bed. they make it so much easier to store so much more under my bed without taking up any more room in my dorm and saved floorspace.

      you can get them on Amazon for just a few dollars and they are worth every penny!

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      For my nieces graduation I purchased a sturdy small laundry basket filled with “goodies” from snacks, mac and cheese, pens, calculator, paper clips, laundry soap, new plush towel & washcloth, etc. Everything was pink and purple. If I were putting it together For boys I’d have used blues or greys.

      If you want to prolong the gift giving experience you could wrap each item in tissue paper first, but honestly, at that age, they’re not usually into unwrapping a bunch of little things.

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      Go the local thrift store, buy a cookbook & cooking pots,pans, baking dishes, glasses, etc. Don’t spend over $12.

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      College students feel homesick and lonely. I would make a collage that could be hung in their dorm room and fill it with photos of family, friends, pets, and special memories. You could make a really nice one for under $12.

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      Lawn Chairs. You can find them under $10 on sale and kids love them. Even better, have their name embroidered on the back.

      Been doing this for years and the kids love having something they can use and that has their name on it.

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      My Top 5 Favorite Inexpensive graduation Ideas are as follows:

      Books- Most college bound kids need books on grammar, writing well, elements of style, dictionary and a thesaurus.

      Laundry Kit- Fill a Laundry basket or Laundry Bag with a Jar of Super Laundry Sauce, dryer sheets, a sheet (laminated!) with stain removal tips, and a deck of cards so they have something to do while it’s washing/drying

      Monogrammed Towels (because if they don’t have their name on them, they’ll get stolen)

      Give them Shel Silversteins “The Giving Tree” with a surprise inside… (this one may be more than $12) Sorry

      Gas Card- again $12 might be cutting it a bit cheap.

      Movie Ticket Gift Card

      Car Care Kit with Jumper Cables and directons on how to maintain a car properly

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      A gift certificate for something they like off of Groupon. Get more for your money. I purchased a 3-D imaging session for my son to improve his golf swing.

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      From the dollar store grab a large variety of snacks.
      At home, create a movie of the family using pictures old and new as well as a great soundtrack.
      Pack in a box labeled “when you need us, here we are.”

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      Make a secret-hollow-book to stash money and valuables! (Great if you have a roommate that you don’t know well).

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      make a belt out of colorful yarn ribbon and threads from your local craft store, add beads and buttons through out yarn ribbon and thread leave front of belt to hang longer when tied. Go to the sales/clearance area to find what you need! I make them for myself all the time………

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      I purchased a bath towel, hand towel, and washcloth in the school colors. The bath towel was the lighter color (yellow) and the others in the darker (black). I rolled up the bath towel, wrapped the hand towel like a belt around the middle, and folded the wash cloth and pinned it to the top along with a skein of embroidery floss and a button to make it look like a mortarboard.

      They looked like cute little graduates, and the kids loved them. I will try to post a pic.
      I bought everything at Walmart for a little less than $9 each little graduate. I am a teacher and wanted to make one for each of our Seniors.

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      A pretty looking journal filled with different .com’s, sites, places where they can find discounts,coupons, freebies,and budget entertainment for those graduating from high school or college. This can be found at the$tree for a dollar along with a.50¢ grad card. In the card include a ten dollar gift card (Starbucks/ Google/local grocery store).

      Total cost: $11.50.

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Holidays & Special Occasions Graduation B101 Challenge: Share your Best (DIY) Graduation Gift Idea (Must be under $12!)