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      Did you know that a number of foods can be grown from various kitchen scraps? We grew a pineapple simply by cutting off the top of a pineapple . .


      Foods That you Can Grow From Scraps:

      1. Pineapple- simply cut off the top and plant it, complete directions here
      2. Onions/Scallions- Complete directions here

      so here’s a challenge for you-

      can you name a food that can be grown from kitchen scraps, without repeating anyone else who’s posted before you?

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      One item that I’ve grown from leftover scraps is fresh Ginger. It’s super easy to regorw, you just slice of a section of ginger rhizome (the rhizome is the really thick knobbly part that you cook with) in potting soil with the smallest buds facing upward.

      You must keep Ginger in lightly filtered, not direct, sunlight in a warm moist environment. I keep it in a windowsill that has a light filtering blind down all the time.

      The plant will establish itself really fast and when you’re ready to harvest, all you have to do is pull up the whole plant, roots and all.

      Remove a piece of the rhizome, and re-plant it to start all over again!

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      Ok, I haven’t seen garlic yet!!
      You can re-grow a plant from just a single clove , all you have to do is just plant it with the fatter root-end down. It’s needs well drained soil in lots of sun.
      The garlic will root itself and produce new shoots. After it gets established make sure that you cut back the shoots so the little plant can put all its energy into producing a big fat garlic bulb, otherwise you’ll get an anorexic looking garlic bulb.

      You can replant cloves over and over again too. More free food! 1heartjar smilie

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      Avocados, I just put into a pot with enough soil to cover it, keep it moist. I gotten 3 trees this way.

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      I use potatoes that are getting old and starting to sprout in my garden. I cut them up and leave at least 2 eyes on each one. They work pretty well.

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      Romaine Lettuce: Cut across leaving the the end cap whole and you ca regorw fresh lettuce from it. Just plant and lightly water, filtered light.

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      Potatoes are that way. Farmers in our area are planting them now. I am going to be getting some in a pot (we live in a rental and there is no wear to Garden.

      I am going to try some of these other items also. Does anyone know if Pineapple will grow in the Georgia/Florida area?

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      I’m not sure if this would count completely but we have been very succesful with regrowing pumpkins for the past several years. About two years ago we bought some pumpkins for the holidays for decorations. As they began to age, and wither away we put them beside the garage instead of the trash.

      Over the winter the pumpkins continued to deteriate and in the spring we raked the whole pile into a long line. By fall we had pumpkins again for decorating.

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      Celery. Just cut off about 2 inches celery stalk, plant cut side up, cover with dirt. Celery will grow very fast and I cut it for use in recipes and it grows back.

      Haven’t bought celery in over 6 months.
      And you don’t wait until it’s tall, I cut after about 4 inches, nice young tender pieces.

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      We like Asian-style dishes here, so one we’ve tried is bok choy – regrowing works like celery or romaine, already mentioned. I still buy bok choy or similar Asian greens sometimes, but it does stretch the amount and is fun for the kids! 🙂

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      We grow potatoes from their peelings in the spring. Peel the skins a little thick and plant them with the eyes up,covered lightly, at the bottom of a tall dark container: trashcan,pail,even big grocery bags (the reusable kind). This can be done on patio or balcony.
      As the potatoe plants develop add soil up to the bottom leaves regularly and look after them like normal potatoes.

      When they flower stop butting them up and leave them to grow. When the leaves become yellow and dry up tip the container and harvest the potatoes.

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      How about green onions, tomatoes,strawberries cherries, peas? I don’t know, I’m just asking…? I do know that you can start an avocado in only water first, before soil.

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      I have had volunteer tomatoes in my garden by just letting seed stay on ground over winter

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      I grow (free) potatoes in my compost every year. Potatoes that become soft or develop “eyes” end up in the compost. Within a matter of one week plants start growing from the potatoes. By continuously burying 3/4 of the plant with compost, the plant will continue to grow potatoes.

      I dig them up as needed. They usually do well even after the rest of my garden is finished because they are below ground.

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      You can Re grow apples..Just plant the whole apple in the grown also you can do lemons and Limes

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      Wow! I love this!! I am going to try green onions, and romaine lettuce.

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