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      b101-challenge-giveaways Welcome to our Budget101 Challenge Question!

      Pet Supplies and toys are a big business & often quite expensive! Since we have a tendency to make homemade toys, treats and gifts for our fuzzy (& scaly, swimming,etc friends), we thought we’d issue a Challenge to our members and fans…

      The Challenge Question is

      What is your best Homemade Toy idea (photo’s appreciated) or pet treat recipe… we want details folks on how you pamper your pets frugally!

      Wondering How to Play?

      click this link & tell us a favorite homemade pet toy you created (or want to create) or share a pet treat recipe- be sure to include details on how to make the toy/treat.

      this can be for any type of pet… fish,reptiles,ferrets,bunnies,dogs,cats,horses,etc. please specify what type of critter the toy/treat is for!

      this challenge will close automatically at 30 valid Entries.

      What is the Goodie Giveaway for this Challenge?

      $50 Amazon Gift Card to buy whatever pet supplies you’d like that you can’t make at home!

      Learn More about Budget101 Challenges Here!

      Good Luck!
      just a note Please Use the link above to play, answers in this thread do not qualify

      View Entries Here: Entry dates begin 12/12 at 9 am est

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      I don’t know if you wanted a dog food recipe but I have a pug–who has my heart– and she has a hard time eating very much commercial dog food so I make hers.

      I take ground meat–any kind. IE Chicken, beef, venison, etc. about 3 pounds for a batch–which last 2 to 2 1/2 weeks.
      I then add veggies.

      I use about any although I found out Roxie doesn’t like carrots or green beans. Usually about 32 oz of these.
      I then add rice–brown preferred but white can work. about 3 cups cooked.
      I then add beef broth.

      I really do not measure just enough to make it moist.

      I put it all in a pot and cook it together for about 45 minutes to 1 hour.
      I have both frozen it once it has cooled and canned it in a pressure canner at 15 lbs pressure ( I am above 1000 ft–if below it would be 10 lbs pressure) for 60 minutes in pints and 75 for quarts.

      She doesn’t itch at all and has good stool eating like this—-not only that but she Loves it.

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      I have too cute puppies who are too big to sleep on the bed with me and the hubby. My husband is sad to kick them off, so for Christmas I made them a bed. The padding is an old bed topper we took off our bed & I kept cuz I knew it’d come in handy.

      The cover is the fabric cover from a memory foam topper we used for another project. It has a zipper and nice soft fabric on the top, so I put it with my fabric to put to good use later, and now it is the cover that I can unzip and take off to wash! I folded the thin foam topper so there are 4 layers (it’s a very thin one, so this makes it about 3-4 inches of padding).

      The cover, I took the bottom two corners and pulled them up to meet the top two corners on the inside, and sewed the corners and then the sides. This way, there are 3 layers of cover on top of the padding, and one thin layer below when it is inserted. Don’t know if you can picture it, but I was super excited to make a huge dog bed out of things I was going to throw out if I didn’t come up with a use soon!

      they don’t even come this big at the store, I have to buy two large ones at $40-60 a piece!

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      Well I only had to come up with this idea cause my cat purr smilie for some odd reason loves socks! I mean you cant put laundry :morechores3:away without missing a sock or two! So I spent 2 bucks and made him some colorful toys.

      I bought a pack of neon colored socks at the dollar tree and some catnip. All I did was put a little cat nip and then a knot, a little cat nip and another knot, till I got to the end of the sock. All I can say is YES!!!!multistars smilie I can finally put laundry away while she’s busy with her own socks!


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      I have a bulldog and she can’t swim. In the summer she gets really hot so I freeze any fruits and veggies that are on sale in a bowl of water. When she gets hot, I take it out and she has a cool snack for super cheap!

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      Our grandmother’s dog like to eat her bed. So she asked for a solution to this issue or at least a cheaper alternative to the dog bed. Taking some of my grandmother’s old towels (3 that are destined for the rag bin).

      Fold them to the appropriate size. Take some canvas fabric or really the cover to the bed that was already destroyed. Wrap the towels and sew it up.

      We did this for a friend using her towels and she said that her boxer now gets mad if you try to wash the bed. Here’s to hoping this works for a Boston.

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      I’m just wondering how long this challenge goes on for? It has a clock so I think that means a timed challenge right? But it doesn’t say how long till it ends?

      I clicked the pink click this link words above and titled my entry for the challenge. I think a few others have too made posts for it also. But maybe have not titled their entries for it.

      Or am I too late in entering for it? Lol If I read it right it started 12/12/14

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      Duh I see it closes at 30 entries, once again I read it too fast to see all the words, my bad. Do we know how many entries there are, oh and I also wanted to know on the challenges can we enter more than once?

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      Often, Rocco, has an upset tummy. I takea boneless, skinless chicken breast and poached it in water (to cover) until done. Take out and let it cool.

      Shred the meat, then chop it to tiny pieces. I feed it to him in small amounts, 1/4 cup at a time, to ensure he can keep it down without problems. I also cook plain rice and over the next two days, gradually add it to his food, a couple of tablespoons at a time. Rocco weighs 15 lbs and is a Papillion.

      This was recommended by his vet.

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      I am in the process of making an underwater habitat for my fish using hot glue and glow in the dark rocks. I am not sure how it will come out, but I wanted to try it. I got the idea from a video on facebook where someone used hot glue to make a silicone case for their iphone.

      I will be using rocks in the inside on the bottom to hold it down and then also on the outsides. I’ll let ya know how it comes out!

      In the past, I have also taken a piece of rope and scraps of wood to craft a hanging beak sharpener for my parakeet! We use old wagon tires and drill a hole in them attaching thick rope and knotting it around the hole so that our dog can use it as a chase and chew toy.

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Free Stuff ~Coupons Galore ~ Hot Deals B101 Challenges B101 Challenge: Attention Creative Pet Parents!