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      Welcome to our Budget101 Weekend Challenge Question!

      The Challenge is : share your creative easter recipes, gift idea, or decoration idea . . .

      the catch is, it has to be affordable for those working on a limited budget! how creative can you be?

      wondering how to play? hit the reply button and answer the challenge question! (seriously, that’s it)

      what is the goodie giveaway for this challenge? a sweet easter gift stack!

      (Basket contents may vary from photo!)

      Learn More about Budget101 Challenges Here!

      good luck!
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      For our family easter brunches we get together the evening before to decorate the eggs and do any baking ( sometimes there are over 25 people expected so help with the food prep is really help full 🙂 then on easter we have the egg hunt before we eat, that way we can use some of the boiled eggs for salads or deviled eggs. One of our traditions is that there is an egg for every person with their name on it and you can’t eat until you find your egg. The little kids can get help but the adults are on their own.

      It gets really fun when some of the men need to get a ladder or climb a tree to get their egg.

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      This year I’m Gonna make My Son’s Easter Basket..What I Did was Take the Basket From Last year Reused it..I decorated it to look different I also Added His Name On It With a Glue Gun And Glitter,Grass For the Basket was last-years..I Saved it to Reuse…I added some books I picked up at A yard sale for a few pennies for two..went to the dollar store a bought dollar candy and a big bag mixed candy for two bucks,a chocolate bunny for a Dollar..also Bought him some cheap cars for a few bucks 🙂

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      To make an Easter basket for a small child, take a small oatmeal box, glue the ends on tightly, and trim off one side to make the top of the basket. Cut a handle from the section you removed and fasten it on with a brad. Cover the outside of the box with paper twists which you glue on, or use paper confetti.

      Add grass and you are done.

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      When I was a little girl my parents did this to me and I in turn did it to my son. Of course his father thought I was nuts, but got a laugh on Easter morning! Before bed you have to leave a carrot out for the Easter Bunny!

      During the nite he comes and eats and nibbles at the carrot… leaving some left. The childs Easter basket is hidden…

      from the carrot to the basket is a trail of raisins (bunny poop). The child will run to the carrot to see if the bunny came! then the fun begins of the trail of “poop”.

      The expression on the childs face is priceless, LOL

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      When DD was young, I would hide the plastic eggs with clues inside to lead her to the next egg. So she would have to hunt all over our home and our yard for the eggs that we had colored as well as the clue-filled plastic eggs that eventually led her to her Easter basket and new ensemble;-D

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      My dad thought it was funny one year to leave little piles of “rabbit droppings” on the floor and by a couple of my basket or my brothers baskets. We were horrified and now it is such a wonderful memory with lots of laughter.

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      My kids and I make homemade peeps. I make homemade marshmallows and spread them out on the counter. After they cool, my kids cut them out with cookie cutters.

      We make colored sugar out of table sugar and food coloring. The marshmallow cut outs are then misted with warm water and rolled in the sugar. Finally they use decorating frosting to make faces and create the unique homemade peeps.

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      Confetti eggs – blow out eggs (easier than traditional blowing b/c you can make a bigger hole in one end) with one hole big enough to funnel in some confetti – buy inexpensively or make your own from foil, reused gift tissue, etc. use a funnel or folded piece of paper to put confetti inside. Cover hole with tissue paper; decorate the rest of the egg with decoupaged tissue or other techniques as you like.

      (I like to do the whole egg in tissue.)

      Smash the eggs to release the confetti. 🙂

      Google ‘confetti eggs’ or ‘cascarones’ for images and more ideas…

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      :paint:For our family we celebrate Ostara, rather than Easter. Our most memorable egg hunt was creating geocaching clues and hiding them in plastic eggs. It took a bit of time to put it all together, but you take the first clue and it’s hidden in the woods near our home, when they found that one, the coordinates for the next clue were written on the piece of paper in the egg and so on.

      We also put a piece of paper that told them what kind of goody they were getting for finding that particular egg. The 1st egg they got a $10 Gift Card to Subway, the 2nd egg they got a week of “Get out of Chores Free Card”, the 3rd egg they got a card for “Your Favorite Dinner Prepared”, etc.
      I can’t remember them all now, but there were 12 treats in all to represent each of the 12 months, the cycle of the year, etc.

      Happy Spring!

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      We don’t really have many Easter traditions where we cook or make things, but the one thing my daughters love was following the trail of Easter eggs.

      I would make their Easter baskets and put them somewhere in the house and leave a trail of plastic eggs from their room to where their baskets were. It was always a treat because some of the eggs had prizes, coins, candy, etc, and some were empty. They had to “gather” all the eggs that lead from their room in order to get their baskets.

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      one strafoam ball cut in two for pipe cleaners and the Kids favorate out grown dress for the ears…. Shape two pipe cleaners in the shape of bunny ears cat the old dress in the same shape and glue the pipes cleaners to the edeges and stick in the strafoam ball add cotton balls around the ball draw eyes or buttons place on front of basket for your own homemade easter basket!!!!!

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      Now that my children are older, we’ve decided to anti-up the egg hunt a little bit. Instead of having them hunt eggs during the day, we’ve made that a night-time festivity.

      To make the hunt a bit more interesting, the adults activated glow sticks and broke them open to use a few drops on the eggs. This made for a quite eventful hunt.

      Of course we did not come up with this idea on our own. I had come across a blog (I wish I remembered where I found it) where a mom had described her families experiences from doing the same thing. I did some research and decided that we could give it a try.

      The liquid washed right off all the shells. Although, there was a coupe that cracked so we threw those out as a precaution.

      I wouldn’t recommend this for younger children as one just never knows, but with older kids, it just might be a hit.

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      One of my kids favorite things to make for Easter is little candy easter baskets. You take a mini reese’s peanut butter cup, tint frosting green and using a special cake decorating tip you squeeze a small amount of frosting on an unwrapped pb cup to look like grass, take a circle pretzel break in half and place on top for a handle and add a couple sprinkles for the “eggs”. super cute and fun for the kids.

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      I was visiting my folks who live in a retirement park and led a craft class for the ladies. We used wax paper and dribbled paint between two layers creating a stained glass effect. Cut out a cross shaped frame with construction paper and glue the stained glass in the frame and hang with a pretty ribbon.

      You can decorate further with ribbons and glitter. Its really pretty in the window.

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      Use the Peeps for the marshmallows on your yam dish to add to your tablescape.

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      Im using my Kmart points so all the candy is FREE!

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      Aside from our natural desire to want to have fun, holidays are a means for remembrance and teaching that meaning thru the generations. For Christmas I make a birthday cake for Jesus. Whether or not Dec.

      25th is his actual birthday isnt the point, remembering the reason of celebration is.
      Easter is the Christian celebration of Jesus’ ascension to heaven. To celebrate this you could release a balloon, you could have everyone write a simple prayer on it or on a piece of paper inserted in balloon.

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      I like to use the peeps on my sweet potatoes to liven up the dish. And fun for smores.

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      Kmart had flavored sunflower seeds on sale for .99 and the bags had .75 coupons on them. It added alot of bulk to the baskets.

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Holidays & Special Occasions Easter- Ostara B101 Challenge: Affordable Easter Ideas. . .