Autumn Apple Pancakes with Walnut Caramel Syrup

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      Autumn Apple Pancakes with Walnut Caramel Syrup

      This is like eating a caramel apple for breakfastm tender pancakes smothered
      in apples and a buttery, caramel syrup. Though this makes an elegant looking
      dish, it is really quite easy to put together. The apple slices are cooked in
      the syrup and piled on the pancakes.
      This recipe is sweet enough to work well for brunch.

      Top it with whipped
      cream for a quick and unusual dessert.

      This recipe also works well as a topping for ice cream sundaes.


      Pancake recipe
      2 cups all-purpose flour
      2 tablespoons sugar
      2 teaspoons baking powder
      1 teaspoon baking soda
      1/4 teaspoon salt
      2 large eggs
      4 tablespoons melted butter or oil
      2 cups buttermilk
      additional water if required

      Topping recipe
      2 or 3 medium cooking apples
      4 tablespoons butter
      1 teaspoon cinnamon
      1/4 teaspoon nutmeg
      1/8 teaspoon ground cloves
      1 tablespoon
      2/3 cup brown sugar
      1 cup water
      1/3 cup walnut pieces


      1. Mix the dry ingredients together in a large bowl.

      2. Mix the egg, butter, and buttermilk together in a small bowl. Make a
      depression in the dry ingredients and add the liquid mixture.

      Stir until moistened
      —some lumps will remain. Add more water to get the right consistency, if
      required. Do not over mix.

      3. Pour about 1/3 cup of batter onto a hot, lightly greased griddle. Cook
      for about two minutes on medium heat or until the edges are set and the bubbles
      remain open.

      Turn over and cook on the other side.

      1. Peel, core, and thinly slice the apples. Set aside.

      2. In a large saucepan, melt the butter over low heat. Stir in the spices,
      cornstarch and brown sugar all at once.

      Immediately add the water and stir
      until the sugar is dissolved.

      3. Add the apples and cook over medium heat, stirring frequently, until the
      apples are nearly tender and the syrup is bubbly. While the apples are
      cooking, mix the pancakes.

      Note: If you would like a thinner syrup, simply add a little more water.
      Serve the pancakes hot topped with the cooked apples and syrup

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      I have been looking for a basic buttermilk pancake recipe, and it looks like I just found it minus the toppings… we do more blueberry pancakes in this house! LOl.

      Thanks again 🙂

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      Oh, this looks sooooo yummy! I just mentioned the recipe to my husband & he really thought it sounded great! Can’t wait to try it!!!

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      Autumn Apple Pancakes , These sound really good —love homemade pancakes. Sounds like I’ll be cooking alot this weekend.

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      Might have to make some extra to through in the freezer for those busy mornings to still have something great for breakfast.

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      Thanks putting some in the freezer is a great idea. Yes there are some really busy morning. I also love breakfast meals for dinner too…ummmmmm

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      Yummmmmm! I have to try this!

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Budget Menu & Dirt Cheap Recipes Breakfast Ideas Autumn Apple Pancakes with Walnut Caramel Syrup