August 9-15

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      Note:  This week’s expenditures were quite low because a friend lost power to their freezer and was just giving away the food so that it wouldn’t go bad.  He refused offers to pay and just said to pay it forward.


      Sunday – cucumber egg salad on toast
      Monday – apple-cinnamon fruit bar
      Tuesday – breakfast salad with strawberries, watermelon, and mandarin oranges
      Wednesday – caramel pretzel cashew protein bar
      Thursday – chocolate-frosted brown sugar Pop Tart
      Friday – hard-fried egg sandwich on toast
      Saturday – Life cereal with milk and strawberries
      Total – $1.58


      Mandarin oranges
      Rice cakes
      Trail mix
      Triscuit Crackers and white American cheese
      Total — $1.19


      Sunday – leftover chickpea curry
      Monday – fried chicken salad
      Tuesday – leftover lasagna roll-up
      Wednesday – zesty Italian chicken salad
      Thursday – leftover shrimp pasta
      Friday – leftover BBQ pork sandwich
      Saturday – leftover meatloaf sandwich
      Total — $3.58


      Sunday – roast beef with roasted potatoes, and bacon wrapped asparagus…$9.33
      Monday – sautéed ham steak in apple brandy, corn pudding, and salad…$2.10
      Tuesday – Crockpot beef brisket, mashed potatoes, and CA veggies…$4
      Wednesday – Crockpot 20-garlic chicken, wild rice, salad, and chocolate ice box pie…$3.56
      Thursday – seared scallops, buttered angel hair pasta, green beans…$5.97
      Friday – mini cheeseburger pies, French fries, salad, and peach-raspberry crisp…$8.68
      Saturday – baked flounder with basil pesto, brown rice, and fried okra…$3.56
      Total — $37.20


      Total for the week — $43.55

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