August 4-10

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      Sunday – fried egg sandwich

      Monday – cinnamon oatmeal square and strawberries

      Tuesday – cinnamon oatmeal and strawberries

      Wednesday – chicken patty in a pita pocket

      Thursday – veggie sausage patty in a pita pocket

      Friday – cinnamon waffle

      Saturday – sunny-side-up eggs, bacon, and toast

      Total – $4





      Trail mix

      Triscuits and American cheese

      Total — $2.50



      Sunday – frittata

      Monday – leftover chicken casserole

      Tuesday – leftover pizza casserole

      Wednesday – leftover spaghetti casserole

      Thursday – quiche

      Friday – leftover chicken and mac and cheese

      Saturday – salad

      Total — $2.99



      Sunday – baked chicken breast with charred corn, red onion, and zucchini salad…$5.97

      Monday – grilled pork chops with brown sugar and soy glazed eggplant, and baked potato…$7.50

      Tuesday – hot dogs and garden fresh pasta salad…$1.49

      Wednesday – rib-eye steak, corn, salad, and honey grilled apricots…$8.97

      Thursday – garbage pizza…$7.99

      Friday – ribs, rice pilaf, salad, and peanut-butter oat bites…$7.96

      Saturday – turkey and white bean chili with corn bread…$7.96

      Total — $47.84


      Total for the week — $57.33

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