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      still recovering from surgery last monday, no digestive issues, but following a low-fat protein-rich diet as instructed by the surgeon for the next month.

      he said it was up to me as to what i did with carbs, but make sure that i was getting sufficient fiber;-d
      sunday — spinach and herb quiche with a mixed green salad…313 calories…$6
      monday — chicken and barley stew…321 calories…$5.16
      tuesday — steak with potatoes, tomatoes, and herb butter…662 calories…$11.84
      wednesday — broiled sweet and spicy salmon with spinach rice…473…calories…$5.99
      thursday — turkey club with bacon and sauteed chard…366 calories…$7.80
      friday — spinach and artichoke baked pasta…330 calories…$3
      saturday — pan-fried chicken and mashed potatoes with a mixed green salad…586 calories…$7.96 (I know, not really low-fat, but I’ve learned that if I’m craving something…it’s because I need it!

      So I put it on the menu;->)
      total for the week — $47.75 –way over my usual budget;-/ But I decided that I needed to follow the good doctor’s instructions for eating with a healthy portion of carbs. The good news is that the leftovers will be recycled for breakfast (especially Sunday’s and Tuesday’s meals – been a long time since I had steak and eggsgiggle smiley) and lunches for this week and possibly stretching into next week;-D
      momkids smilie

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