August 25-31

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      Sunday – peanut butter oatmeal square with apple

      Monday – chocolate protein shake and apple

      Tuesday – peanut butter oatmeal with apple

      Wednesday – breakfast burrito

      Thursday – chicken biscuit

      Friday – cinnamon waffles, syrup, and apple

      Saturday – pb&j toast

      Total – $.79





      Trail mix

      Triscuits and American cheese

      Total — $1.29



      Sunday – tacos

      Monday – leftover chicken and veggies stir-fry

      Tuesday – grilled cheese sandwich

      Wednesday – leftover mac and cheese

      Thursday – pulled pork sandwich

      Friday – leftover baked chicken and noodles

      Saturday – beef and rice burrito

      Total — $3.69



      Sunday – baked salmon with herbs, broccoli fettuccine, and salad…$7.50

      Monday – chicken stroganoff over potatoes…$5.49

      Tuesday – breakfast for dinner:  sausage, pancakes, and syrup…$2.99

      Wednesday – veggie lasagna…$3.87

      Thursday – baby back ribs, baked potatoes, and salad…$10

      Friday – grilled pork chops, brown rice, cauliflower, and apple pie…$7.50

      Saturday – baked turkey breast, buttered noodles, and salad…$8.97

      Total — $46.32


      Total for the week — $52.09

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