August 12-18

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      Sunday – banana-nut oatmeal square
      Monday – honey-wheat bagel with cream cheese
      Tuesday – breakfast burrito
      Wednesday – cinnamon-raisin bar
      Thursday – French toast
      Friday – maple-brown sugar oatmeal
      Saturday –oatmeal with almonds, cinnamon, and pears
      Total – $2.00

      Lemon-pepper tuna salad on Triscuits
      Trail mix
      Triscuits and cheddar cheese
      Total — $5

      Sunday – grilled chicken breast strips over greens
      Monday – chef’s salad
      Tuesday – fudge bar
      Wednesday – Southwest wrap
      Thursday – steak and cheese wrap
      Friday – grilled chicken breast strips over greens
      Saturday – chef’s salad
      Total — $2.99

      Sunday – beefy chili with pinto beans and buttermilk cornbread…$0
      Monday – meaty lasagna and salad…$0
      Tuesday – meatballs in marinara sauce with bowtie pasta and buttered cauliflower…$2.99 (had to buy a head of cauliflower to go with the leftovers! LOL!!)
      Wednesday – smoked sausage skillet with cabbage, carrots, and corn…$4
      Thursday – stuffed shells with garlic bread and buttered cauliflower…$0
      Friday –Sunday’s leftovers…$0
      Saturday – Monday’s leftovers…$0
      Total — $6.99

      Total for the week — $16.98

      ***Seriously, people, everyone should consider ‘adjusted’ oamc to save money! i say “adjusted” as i don’t spend a weekend in preparing a month’s worth of meals. every sunday afternoon, i bake/cook a dish or two that is freezable and once they are cool, portion them up to the freezer.

      and some meals don’t even need freezing if you are short on freezer space.
      let me break it down for you…
      breakfast — three weeks ago, i made banana-oatmeal squares, and portioned servings in individual baggies; the night before i plan to eat for breakfast, i stick one in the refrigerator to defrost and then microwave for a minute to warm it up. the bagels and cream cheese…it was buy-one-get-one free for both items…i stuck one pkg of bagels in the freezer and both containers of cream cheese in the fridge. i’ll skip the breakfast burrito as it is prepared on the day i plan to eat it!

      giggle smiley a couple of weeks ago, i baked my own cinnamon-raisin granola bars and stored the individual bars in a container (separated with wax paper) in the cabinet. french toast was made in advance and portioned to the freezer in baggies.

      oatmeal is made on the day that i plan to eat it (yes, you can make a single serving that’s not instant) and add the special touches like almonds, etc. notice this week i decided to have oatmeal two days in a row but with different ingredients that i purchased yesterday;-d
      by the way, i was also a moderator for a yahoo group — oamc — but had to give it up because liss needed me more and i’m loyal to friends. since i was a moderator for the oamc site, i have a large repertoire of those types of recipes that i’ve adapted to suit my needs.

      i’m a single that loves to cook (and save money) and cooking for one doesn’t work for me, so i cook/bake for a family of at least four! lol! yes, i like leftovers…they only get better with time;-d
      if anyone is interested, next week i’ll talk about lunches to save money…
      groceries smilie

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