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      I understand and sympathize with your predicament. I hope that you will receive some advice on ways that you can make ends meet without having to put your daughter in a financial predicament.

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      From: Charlene Ada Willoughby
      Sent: Friday, August 8, 2008 2:55:34 PM
      Subject: : Attn: Lucy, charging my 18 yr old.

      The sprint bills are for local and long distance on the cell phone.
      We have the all local and long distance unlimited calls so if they loose their phones, I won’t have to pay $$$.

      The qwest bills are for local and long distance on the land line.
      The qwest bill includes the internet fee for DSL.

      Also our internet service charges us another $15 a month I didn’t add in.

      I had to have qwest because sometimes she turns her cell phone
      off when she’s at home and I can’t get ahold of her, or we can’t find our cell phone so we have to use the land line to call the cell.
      Also, we need long distance on the land line so we can fax.

      Anyone that has found a solution to these problems, I’d like to hear them. We both pay for the land line and cell phone as we both use it.

      I tried Majicjack but it’s not in our area yet but I’ll check again. I just cut alot of stuff off our qwest line so next month it will be $41.

      Lucy, things change in life, you must be youngor don’t have 3
      children to raise on your own.

      Yes I did pay all her expenses until she turned 18, BUT I got custody of my 16 yr old ds just
      a couple months ago and he eats us out of house and home.
      Plus I had to get a bigger home as 2 bedrooms wouldn’t work
      for an 11 yr old ds, 18 yr old dd, and 16 yr old ds. Now we
      have a 3 bedroom and have to use the family room as a bedroom too. Also, 18 yrs isn’t a kid anymore.

      I never thought I’d have
      to charge my daughter but unfortunately, things have changed.
      And when child support kicks in for the 16 ds, maybe I won’t have to charge her so much. Don’t forget, the VA usu. pays $226 to help me raise her.

      Putting money in a fund for them such as you did, well, I’m an disability. I simply don’t have it. I can not get
      a 401K as I’m not working.

      Don’t forget I have no husband or ex to to help. For me to put 30% into things like you have, I would have
      to sell the car and take the bus. I can’t do that because I have to pick the kids up when they are in trouble like being followed, stranded, take the kids to Montana for the visit with their dad, etc.
      And the court order says I have to go 1/2 way and pay my own gas.

      By the way, my 16 ds hasn’t started work since he’s moved in. He’s still getting settled in.


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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Budget101 Discussion List Attn: Lucy, charging my 18 yr old.