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      No, I don’t have 3 children to raise, I have 5. 1 out of the house = 6

      total. I have a husband now, but that is only for the last two years.

      Prior to this I was single or married to someone who did not support me in

      any way. Am I young? I will always be young….

      I’m not sure why your 18 year old daughter should have to suddenly fork over

      rent to support a 16 year old brother? I know he has to eat, don’t disagree

      with that at all, and if she WANTS to help that’s awesome. But making her

      help could cause a little resentment?

      Housing can be tough – we started out a couple years ago with 4 adults and 5

      children in a 3 bedroom – creative sleeping arrangements were us!!!

      I did not speak of you getting a 401K or anything, but your daughter who IS

      working and drawing a check needs to have one. And she can. And if your

      daughter is paying rent to you – that is the money that I would put in the

      fund. Not your money, but hers….

      As far as the 10% tithe, 10% save, and etc for you – you can’t afford NOT to

      do this from my experience. But that is a whole ‘nother topic.

      As far as feeding the 16 year old – yes they eat a lot. My teen boys are

      limited in what they eat (no eating because they are bored, or just because

      it tastes good). Good healthy food is far more filling and less expensive I

      have found. Water is a GREAT beverage. If they want more than what I can

      afford, they have to get it themselves. When they started wasting food,

      then I made them share in the food budget. I told them I would buy food for

      me (and the girls) and enough for dinners for all of us. It would cost me

      $xxx. I had $xxx left. I gave them the money, took them to the store and

      let them get their food for breakfast, lunch and snack. If they ate all

      their snack on Monday, then Tuesday-Sunday looked pretty sad. They didn’t

      die…. But next Monday, you can bet they were smarter with their food

      money. (Well, one of them was…) I would not expect a 16 year old to hold

      down a job at this point, but there are usually chores or some small thing

      they can find to do that will bring in $$$. You’d be amazed how creative

      they can get.

      As far as transporting kids to Montana – these kids are plenty big enough to

      pop onto Greyhound to go visit dad. So, if you wanted to drop the car, you

      could, if that is the main reason for it.

      On Fri, Aug 8, 2008 at 11:55 AM, Charlene Ada Willoughby <> wrote:



      > Lucy, things change in life, you must be young or don’t have 3

      > children to raise on your own . Yes I did pay all her expenses until she

      > turned 18, BUT I got custody of my 16 yr old ds just

      > a couple months ago and he eats us out of house and home.

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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Budget101 Discussion List Attn: Lucy, charging my 18 yr old.