ATTention Shoppers!

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      Here is the best deal days:

      Monday: fill up on gas. Gas stations increase their prices on the


      Tuesdays: pick up movie or amusement park tickets. Since business is

      typically slower midweek, entertainment venues offer discounts on

      boost sales.

      Wednesday: Dine out. Don’t trash the flyers that fall out of your

      newspaper—restuarants face slow sales midweek, too, so you’ll find

      coupons in Wednesday’s mailers.

      Thursday: load up on fruit. By the week’s end, grocers are looking

      to move produce before it goes bad and new shippers come in.

      Sunday: Hit the grocery. Sunday evening is typically the best time

      for major shopping trips. The shelves have been fully stocked with

      sale items for the coming week and all those coupon inserts have

      just come out in the paper.

      Kelly in IL

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