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      Hi Tracy,

      I’m in NY and would love to hear more about that.



      — Cheryl Carew <> wrote:

      > I have been working with Ignite/Stream Engery in

      > Texas. It is basically marketing Energy, you have a

      > low cost to get started, it is a multi level

      > marketing of energy that is Texas based. I joined

      > after a friend of mind got laid off and needed to

      > find a way to bring in income until she could find a

      > job, she never went back to work as she is making

      > her house note, her car note, and more. She got us

      > started and I earned my intial investment back,

      > plus. The company offers many different bonuses and

      > ways to get your investment back I pay 19.00 a month

      > for my website that they maintan, I am not sure if I

      > am able to give my web address or not, but you do

      > have to sign up thru someone based in Tx. They have

      > just gotten their approval for gas in ga. i know

      > that ny and va are the next to able to market. it

      > works if you work it.




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      > Sent: Tuesday, March 4, 2008 4:52:55 PM

      > Subject: : At home jobs


      > For the stay at home mom looking to make extra money

      > I know of two women who work at home doing medical

      > transcription work. You do have to have some

      > training but you may be able to get student aide to

      > help pay for the cost.


      > One mom raised three children as a single mom was

      > able to buy a home in the Northern va area even

      > during the crazy rising house prices we had a few

      > years ago. she was also able to buy a nice car.

      > she never got one dime in child support from the

      > children’s father. she worked very hard to do this

      > but it can be done.


      > one mom is married and has one daughter who is their

      > pride and joy hubby has lost a few jobs over the

      > years do to no fault of his own. because of her

      > income she was able to keep their home also their

      > daughters life wasn’t upset by changes in daycare

      > etc. she would take in more work when she needed to

      > and less when she didn’t.


      > another legit oppourtunity in our area at least has

      > to do with some kind of title work. a dear friend

      > of mine is a real estate attorney and there is some

      > kind of paperwork that has to be done at closing i

      > want to say something like title insurance or title

      > guarrantee i can’t remember anyway her firm

      > contracts with a lady who works out of her home of

      > course she is certified to do this and they send the

      > paperwork over to her she does what she needs to do

      > and sends it back.


      > hope this is helpful.

      > tracy in va








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