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      Tracy, Thank You Best Wishes Christine

      Tracy Feuer wrote: For the stay at home mom looking to make extra money I know of two women who work at home doing medical transcription work. You do have to have some training but you may be able to get student aide to help pay for the cost.

      One mom raised three children as a single mom was able to buy a home in the Northern va area even during the crazy rising house prices we
      had a few years ago. she was also able to buy a nice car. she never got one dime in child support from the children’s father.

      she worked very hard to do this but it can be done.

      one mom is married and has one daughter who is their pride and joy hubby has lost a few jobs over the years do to no fault of his own. because of her incomeshe was able to keep their home also their daughters life wasn’t upset by changes in daycare etc. she would take in more work when she needed to and less when she didn’t.

      another legit oppourtunity in our area at least has to do with some kind of title work. a dear friend of mine is a real estate attorney and there is some kind of paperwork that has to be done at closing i want to say something like title insurance or title guarrantee i can’t remember anyway her firm contracts with a lady who works out of her home of course she is certified to do this and they send
      the paperwork over to her she does what she needs to do and sends it back.

      hope this is helpful.
      tracy in va

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